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Podnutz Daily #442 – What Makes a Good Website?

A Show for Computer Repair Techs by Computer Repair Techs Jeff Halash from Talks to Computer Technicians Google+ Jeffery Halash Twitter: TechNutPC To send...

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Android App Addicts #404 – We Got A New Website!!

Hosted by: Mark Cockrell ( Steve McLaughlin – DoorToDoorGeek ( Eric Arduini (

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Geeksters #171 – Domain for Only $12

Martin Obando, Tim Bowermeister, and Mitch Haman talk about computer repair Episode 171 Show Notes Title — Hosts: Tim Bowermeister Mitch Haman Martin Obando * Mi...

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Podnutz – The Computer Repair Podcast #148 – What is a White Label Service?

Live Call-In Show for Computer Repair Techs Hosted by: Jeff Halash from Google+ Jeffery Halash Twitter: TechNutPC   Chris Carruthers from Remote...

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