Android App Addicts #29 – One Big Happy Family

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Welcome to the App Addicts show #29 with Steve Cheribino, Steve Damico, Tim Kelly(Timster), Jose Quezada and Stephen McLaughlin (DoorToDoorGeek)

General Discussion:

Timster’s picks:

  • Router Passwords includes a database containing the default credentials for hundreds of network devices
  • Receiver Passwords contains a database of default passwords of multiple devices (mainly satellite receivers)
  • Move2SD Enabler (root only) Unlock “Move to SD” and set the default install location so that ALL* apps, including those not yet support it, install automatically/CAN BE MOVED to your location choice

Steve D.’s Picks

  • Sync Folder with Dropbox lets you synchronize a folder on the SD-card with a folder in your dropbox automatically in the background, Steve issues a warning it will delete the contents of a folder during the initial install

DoorToDoor’s picks:

Jose’s picks


  • Ricky likes Exhchange TouchDown for getting your Exchange Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on your device
  • Ted has mixed experiences with Widgetsoid2.x
  • Zack looks for a primer on phone rooting

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