Android App Addicts #69 – Crazy Friday

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Note coming to Verizon as Journal


Door – Galaxy Note S Pen User Guide


SJ – Waze

‘Picking up cupcakes and driving off bridges’


Siliconwrench – Airpush Detector

‘need not call USCellular’


Door – Carrier Coverage

‘no dirty data and doing a good deed for all of mankind’


SJ – Photo Calendar

‘organize your photos; Steve C’s definitely getting it and Door needs to figure out his kid’s birthday’


Siliconwrench – ‘For the n00bs’ AllYouNeed Free 110 apps

‘just don’t get FireFox and you don’t need a TaskKiller’


Door – Humble Bundle added Toki Tori ‘4 Days left’

Sean – STAR WARS!!!! Darth Maul Me

‘There is only 1. Before Door dies there will be an 8 or 7! Internet PVR’


Siliconwrench – Stress Check

‘I’m not stressed I talk to much’


Door – (Techadventures “Don’t put everything in Google’s Bucket”) Piwiki Mobile

‘put on server push next next next next; GPLFTW’

– Seesmic Ping

‘Addition to Seesmic to schedule for later’

“Reading reddit is like a spoiler banana”


Sean – iTunes App Store explorer (crap app)

‘What’s the point? It’s crap!’


Siliconwrench – Gravilux

“They interact with your fingers like the bald guy when we were kids”

– Drag Toilet Paper

‘One of the AllYouNeed n00bs apps’ 7:59 Phone 7:66 Tablet


Cleavage is graphically pleasing


Dave – e-books; converter; wireless control




Door – Buy it!!!

Sean – @Sjgeek89 Buy it!!!

Siliconwrench – Buy me!!!