Android App Addicts #94 – I'm Serious

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Auralux – Auralux is an ambient RTS game that simplifies the genre to its strategic core.



Relax and Sleep – Choose from a list of 35+ ambient sounds which include thunder, stopwatch, white noise, ocean, sea, birds, rain, crickets, frogs, water, mechanical noises, nature… and many more. Change the independent track volumes and create your own unique relax melody!



Moss – Moss is a Conky like live wallpaper for android. It provides system statistics such as uptime, cpu usage, network usage, top processes, and battery level. It is highly configurable. Configuration tries to closely follow Conky’s syntax.



HotPads Rentals & Real Estate – Map-based search for apartments, rental homes, and real estate.

Discover rental listings, apartments, homes for sale, and homes for rent while on the go. Our free app makes it easy to see local price trends, compare school information, send inquiries, and visit rental and real estate listings on the move.



Marble Saga – Marble Saga is simple but really addictive game.

Marble Saga is a Zuma Style game. It is simple but really addictive.
Your target is to eliminate all the Marbles before the times up and make more Combos and Chains to get the highest score.



Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote – This application provides an improved way to pair your mobile device with your set-top box, including non-telephony devices such as tablets, and you may experience connectivity issues if you do not update the app.



Bubble Wars – Bubble Wars 2.0 – Unique color matching game with two modes of play.



CalcTape Smart Calculator – Calculate. Comment. Correct.

CalcTape makes the arithmetic process visible – you can do multiple calculations and subsequently correct or change all numbers and operations.



android-screencast – Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any android device.



Tasker – Automate everything from settings to photos, SMS to speech. ADC2 prize winner.

Total Automation, from settings to SMS. ADC2 finalist!



Rage of Bahamut – Highly addictive, FREE trading card game (TCG) that lets you battle REAL players in countless quests and adventures.




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