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Podnutz Daily #27 – Skype problems solved!

  Dell 5100 dust removal Windows ME desktop – hard drive install Another message from Mark Calls from Scott and Mike    

Podnutz Daily #26 – Adaptaplugs and Laptop Tips

  Dell laptop overheat VAIO screen inverter Adaptaplugs Recorded call from Mark    

Podnutz Daily #25 – Heat problems and Retention Brackets

Toshiba Laptop Heat problem Always keep bad power adapters for parts Socket 478 motherbord rentention brackets Recorded call from Mark Call from Phishie

Podnutz Daily #24 – Free laptop? I guess I earned it.

Amazon Prime – is it worth it? “Recover My Files” did the job. Great program. Replaced another capacitor on laptop and got a free computer out of it....

Podnutz Daily #23 – "Recover My FIles" FTW

New Skype number – you can use a regular phone. “Recover My Files” just may save a customer’s 3000 picture collection. Replaced a capacitor on...

Podnutz Daily #22 – Lots of Calls Today

  Skype not letting me register a phone # Damaged hard drive Podnutz TV mounted headless computer Several calls today    

Podnutz Daily #21 – RAM Problems and Business Tips

  Logitech is making a webcam for Macs! Keep your Iphone far away from your recordings Dell desktop RAM problems System Restore and general cleanup Computer Repair...

Podnutz Daily #20 – Always Check That Wireless Card

  Mac Webcam nightmare Found wireless card in laptop to be causing trouble. Check USB ports for 99% CPU usage running the explorer process. Installed touchscreen in...

Podnutz Daily #19 – TGIF

  PodnutzTV took out my Skype at the office so no broadcast today. Finished up gaming machine. Couldn’t fix Blue Screen. Did re-install Wireless Security job...

Podnutz Daily #18 – Launching Podnutz.TV

  I launched today. It is available at Windows Repair Acer laptop Windows/Vista Drivers Gaming machine – Driver issue causing...