DDG #8 – Feedback, Great Questions!

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Great Email From Lyle:

Hey Door,

Just listened to DDG podcast.  And had several thoughts.

1.   How come you tell so much about your personal life and have sworn off saying anything about what your job is and what you do?

2.  Your passion for podcasting was heartfelt.

3. If the Patreon thing isn’t working,  it’s time to find something else.

4.  I’m not crazy about the new way of funding podnutz.    For me personally I cannot stand monthly reoccurring charges like the Patreon deal.   For some reason or another I lose credit card or it’s number gets compromised and I have to go to bunches of sites and update the info.   It’s also more of a way I try to run my personal finances.

5.  There has got to be a better way.   I heard you say something about T shirts and the cost.   Maybe you could put a link on your website for people to purchase some.   If you want I will get you 50 shirts printed.   Good quality and your logo.   I will even mail them out for you.

Just some thoughts


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