Geeksters #100 – More CryptoLocker and Matt Rodell's New Book

Direct MP3 Download: Geeksters #100 – More CryptoLocker and Matt Rodell's New Book

Martin ObandoTim BowermeisterMitch Haman and PCFreddy talk about computer repair

Episode 100 Show Notes



Tim Bowermeister

Mitch Haman

Martin Obando


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Hi martin,

Just listen to geekster 97 and your encounter with crptolocker,

Just a coupler of questions. I am guessing to getting effected it does not taker advantage of a secuirty hole in windows,it is just that the user has the rights to run executables, if the vicitim launches the excutables it runs and encrypt the files the user has rights to it?

Also I am bit confused on how the backup exec back2disk files got encrypt, I can see how files on a network share got encrypted if they where network drive mapped to the effected computer, but where were the backup2disc file stored?

Keep up the good work and merry Christmas




* Matt Rodell’s new book “How to Quit Your Job and Start a Computer Business”

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*Accessible Computing Foundation: Bringing Digital Sight to the Vision Impaired







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