Geeksters #110 – Malwarebytes, MikeTechShowAnd Emails

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Martin ObandoTim BowermeisterMitch Haman and PCFreddy talk about computer repair

Episode 110 Show Notes
Title —
Tim Bowermeister
Mitch Haman
Martin Obando
* Malwarebytes Chameleon
* Mike Tech Show
* GEGeek Tech Toolkit
* PodnutzPro
* Skydog 3.7 release with webRover is here
* Google cuts Drive storage rates, offers 1TB for mere $9.99; but not for Linux
* Insync
* Backupify
* SterJo Key Finder v.1.7
Windows 8
Office 2013
* Professor Messer
* Voice Mail
Jeff Owens
* Email
Hey guys!
I love the show and listen to it while I work, keep up the good work! I’ve been working as an IT specialist for about 2 years and freelance work for about 3 years before but have kept putting off the A+ exam.  I’m finally taking part 1 in July. Do you guys have any advice? What were your experiences with it? I’ve worked on everything from server management and network configuration to basic user end errors. Will the experience I have be enough or should I brush up on my knowledge?
Warm Regards,
Maria  ( aka the IT guy in a dress)
Hi Martin,
I’m one Geeksters behind so if you talked about this on your last show sorry.  I had a couple of questions surrounding GFI Max and Skydog.
First Skydog.  Have you considered using them for small customers?  This sounds like just the solution I was asking about and you were sort of looking at for web filtering for small clients.  I think I ‘m going to give them a try if my customer is willing to pay for the router upgrade.  I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on this and if you have tried it.
Regarding GFI Max, I’m really liking what I see and hear about them so I’m going to set up a trial account.  The reason I’m telling you is that on the trial request page there’s a check box for a referrer code.  If you get some perk for referring someone to them I’ll be happy to enter your code in there and hopefully give something back to you.
Thanks again to you, Tim and Mitch for putting together a great show and to Door too for the rest of the Podnutz community that he’s building.  I’ve been a fan of Podnutz since Steve’s early days and I’m glad you guys are now part of that family.
– George
Just heard Geeksters this morning. Good show.  Here is the fix.  I did both and see how it works over  a month.  Then reverse the IE fix and see what happens and maybe a combination.  But so far so good.  It’s been a week now. Found these fixes on some forum with the same issue.
Solution 1:
I have now removed the IE 11 update on 6 machines and have received NO more complaints regarding email text cutoff from the end users. This is a 10 min proceedure.
1st – enable the the tool bar menu in Internet explorer. Right click at the top of IE 11.
2nd – Remove the check mark in the IE autoupdate option located under <HELP> and <About>.
3rd – Run Add / Remove programs in control panel and choose the list of windows updates.
4th – Uninstall the IE 11 update and restart the machine.
5th – Verify the autoupdate is still disabled.
6th – Ask the user to test and report back to you..
Solution 2:
I fixed the issue on my 2 Win7-64Bit machines with Outlook 2003… Turn off the “AutoSave Unsent” which defaults to save every 3 minutes… “Tools/Options/E-Mail Options/Advanced E-Mail Options/AutoSave unsent every:”
It’s been 3 days and no more cut-off lengthy emails.  It appears when you click “Send” that Outlook was sending a “recently saved” version, not the actual “final version” you were working on before you click “Send”.
— Joe
Hey Guys,
My name is Aaron and I’m from Oregon. I just was listening to Geeksters episode #108 and heard Tim ask about Lego Robotics for his kid. I have a friend at work that is a huge participator in the leagues. He helps out by being a coach and a referee for the FTC( First Tech Challenge) and also the FRC( Firs Robotics Competition). These are both Lego robotics for kids. Here’s some links for the different Lego leagues depending on how old your child is.
The second link is a Oregon link, but gives you an idea of the amazing things they do in the leagues. They are really cool.
I also heard you guys talk about 3D printers and hoping they go down in price. Well, They have and you can even get them cheaper if you build your own. I found this website a while ago and have been gathering parts to build my own. this website gives you different options depending on what kind of printer you want and if you want to build it yourself or just buy it complete. The site has step by step, full diagrams and specs for everything. It even has Youtube videos. You’ll spend hours on this site just deciding how you want to build your printer. You can also print your own parts for a friend to build his own printer without having to spend the extra money.
Love the show and all the customer stories. One of the best shows on the Podnutz network. Keep up the great work.
Aaron Turnbull


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