Geeksters #117 – Microsoft Security Bulletins and Emails

Direct MP3 Download: Geeksters #117 – Microsoft Security Bulletins and Emails

Martin ObandoTim BowermeisterMitch Haman and PCFreddy talk about computer repair

Episode 117 Show Notes

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Mitch Haman
Martin Obando

* Microsoft Security Bulletins For May 2014 overview

* ELSTREE 1976

* Private Internet Access

* Comprehensive List of 26 Bootable Antivirus Rescue CDs for Offline Scanning


* Email

Hi Martin, can you pass on to the other guys.

Hi Martin / Tim / Mitch /  PCFreddy.

I would like to thank you for a brilliant show with Matt Rainey, really really good show!!!

Martin was talking about server 2012 and he had not used it much, if you would like i could come and talk about it on the show?

I have sent a email into the show before about the dlink backdoor and cryptolocker, I am trying to get into podcast to 1)give something back to podnutz and 2)try to improve my speaking more confidently.

I have already done a show with Jeff on the server show about domain/AD which hope should be published soon.

As I am IT constulant/3rd Line support for a IT company supporting medium size business (100-1000 user base) i would like to start a podcasts like podnutz pro (dont want to step on Matt Rainey toes!) as i cant seem to find any other podcast out there like this, where i can discuss thing like exchange server,networking,

Virtualization,migrating and upragding server software etc and talk about story from the trenches. I hope to find a cohost from Europe as i emailing form the UK.Let me know you thoughts



Hey Martin,

Thanks for reading my email about ScreenConnect on Geeksters. I was having some major issues while accessing Macs from my distro of Ubuntu (running Ubuntu to test it out, looking forward to moving onto my next distro). I did a testing connection with the folks at SC and they experienced the issues too so hopefully they are patching it. Since we last exchanged emails I have moved from the mountains of BC to Vancouver Island. Internet connection pretty good here so far and I have been able to port forward my NAS, so I think I will do okay with anything else I want to run. I would have loved to make NW Linuxfest, but arrived too late. Did you end up going? If so how was it? I lived in Bellingham for around 5 years and it was always a nice town.

Okay, on to the question at hand. I was wondering what you would recommend for a shared internet connection. Basically we have moved into a rental and the owner lives in a cottage right next door. I will be in control of the internet in all aspects, but he would like to have access (while sharing costs) also. As I will be using the same connection for work purposes, I will need all other access to be isolated from my own. Is this possible by creating a guest account on any ol’ router or would you recommend something a little more specialized. The first thing I thought of was your discussion of Skydog and perhaps that is an option also?

Thanks for any advice and please let me know what I can do for you if anything. I would love to contribute to Geeksters if I can.




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