Geeksters #125 – Still Doing A NAS?

Direct MP3 Download: Geeksters #125 – Still Doing A NAS?

Martin ObandoTim Bowermeister, andMitch Haman talk about computer repair

Episode 125 Show NotesTitle –Hosts:Tim Bowermeister
Martin Obando* The Sacred Order Of Geeks

* d7II has new single technician pricing!

* Firefox 31 Arrives With New Tab Search Box and Malware Scanning

* Still doing a NAS?

* The 30 best free tools for sysadmins


Geeksters Crew!

So is the show idea about home NAS gone? I’ve been thinking, I might just start saving up for a Synology 4 disk, that has at least a dual NIC on it, so I can run a RAID 5 with CrashPlan as a Synology app. It is not the cheap option, but honestly by the time you end up with 4+ drives no options are really “cheap” any more.

Matrin mentioned using Google Spreadsheets and forms. I cringed a little when I heard you talk about re-adding customers as a drop down list. There is a greater “cheat” I think you can use for this. Although not in a “Form”, I sent this to Door a while ago, it’s a spreadsheet I setup for managing “to-do” items are work in my small infrastructure team.

It uses things under the Projectlist and MenuItems tabs to populate the drop down lists on the first tab. Marking things as Done or Discarded, causes a macro to run that automatically moves them to to the appropriate tab. You should be able to make a copy of the google doc to use as your own and adjust. Now, I said all that, because you can use similar logic, when making forms. It requires a script from the gallery, but it works well in the times I have used it. Just click on Tools -. Script Gallery and search for “formRanger”. Granted one would hope you never have to do that again anyways.

As you noted during the show, yes Vista and 2008 up have better disk management tools, but still you sometimes need the gParted or other tools to force in what you want, another example of that is when dealing with dynamic vs basic disks.

The above is long enough, I had many other thoughts during the last show, but I tend to listen when I am driving, and not while I sit in front a say EverNote where I build my overall task list. If time permits I might go back through it to grab those other points, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Love the shows, keep up the good work, and thanks for bringing out so much information, in such an entertaining fashion.



Hi guys – Great show and I always enjoy listening to ya’ll.   I’m wondering if there is anything that can be done about the audio levels for future shows?   Specifically in this show, Tim’s audio varied but most of the time was quite lower that Martin’s volume.  It made it difficult to listen to while having to raise and lower the volume.   Not sure what is causing it.  Perhaps just a variation in his voice, or the closeness of the mike?

Also, a few months ago, you mentioned reviewing NAS setups.   Is that still in the works?

Do any of you plan to attend the Meet-up for Mike Smith and Corey Holzman (Mike Smith Show and Tech-Vets)?  It’s happening in Phoenix on 4 August.   Would be nice to know if others will be there and perhaps a sub – Meetup would be possible?



— I’ve gone ahead and set up a FreeNAS at home using an old Dell OptiPlex 755.   Maxed out the RAM, and installed 5 2GB HD’s in it.   I use it for running Plex in my house, and am pretty happy with it.


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