Geeksters #127 – Tips From The Server Room

Direct MP3 Download: Geeksters #127 – Tips From The Server Room

Martin ObandoTim Bowermeister, andMitch Haman talk about computer repair

Episode 127 Show NotesTitle — Tips From The Server RoomHosts:

Mitch Hamman
Tim Bowermeister
Martin Obando

Guest – Jack Okorn

* Synology gets infected with SynoLcker ransomware strain

* Can Data Be Recovered From A Failed SSD?

* Step-By-Step: Active Directory Migration from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2

* Skydog


Smoke Alarms… Ok, so maybe not so cool…but here is what I’m doing:

It’s hard to put a price of safety, so for less than a few hundred dollars I wanted to extend smoke alarm coverage in my house(easily doubled or tripled).  Safety is easy to justify with the wife.

My house has a handful of “wired” smoke alarms mainly all on one side of the house both on main floor and basement.

Need:  To extend smoke alarms to other areas including garage.  It sure would be nice when ANY smoke detector went off it would alert ALL the smoke detectors in the house, right? No wiring involved would be a plus too!  And it will wake the dead!

Solution:  I purchased 1 wired/wireless, this is the bridge between the wireless and wired alarms and 3 wireless dectectors. $145
First Alert SA521CN ONELINK
First Alert SA501CN2 ONELINK
First Alert SCO501CN-3ST
Strategically placed in my house.  If any detector goes off, it will trigger both wireless and wired systems.  My family hates when I tested/installed it.  Was very loud!

Remote Notification:
I haven’t done this yet, but getting ready to put the remote system together by adding a NEST wired smoke detector that connects via wi-fi to Nest .  This should bridge my whole system to the App on our phones and email alerts.
Nest Protect Smoke Plus CO2 Wired – $99.

First Alert seemed to have better pricing for their ONLINK system.
Nest seems to be the only player for WiFi and the $100 price didn’t seem completely unreasonable for what you were getting.

John B


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