Geeksters #177 – Steal The Seatbelts

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Episode 177 Show Notes
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Title — Steal the seatbelts

Tim Bowermeister
Mitch Haman
Martin Obando

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* Hi Guys

Its Craig from UK again,I was listening to a episode a week or two ago and Martin was saying about a client he had who is still on windows XP and cant them off it, I would like to say that I feel your pain ……..

I have someone exactly the same I get called round every so often when things go wrong, just had to get them a printer but new ones support XP so I couldnt get one of them…..but I managed to get a old printer similar to one they had,,aHP psc 1210 All in One Printerthey had the 1213 which had USB port on front and they said the old one was a little faster !!!!!but they was happy with it …

Now a few days ago they said the computer wasn`t turning on ( Yes I thought now`s my chance to get them upgrading i thought) got round turned  PC on and started loading,   bois beep fine, hard drive spun up but monitor didn`t come on ….

This monitor is a old 12-14″ flat screen with one cable out of back,a vga cable this plugs in the vga port in pc but the vga plug has another socket on it about 3.5mm like a headphone socket where the power supply plugs into ………….followed the cable to the supply and saw the light wasnt on supply I pick it up and the light came on and monitor came to life …..

So now they have moved the supply so the loose connection works and the pc is working fine ………..

What I don`t understand is they have the money to upgrade so it not like its the funds…

So Please Please Martin if you find a solution to your pain please let me know …..

Thanks Guys Keep up the great work

Craig From The UK