Linux For The Rest Of Us #34: New User Misconceptions about Linux

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[03:05] Podbuntu update – The goal of Podbuntu is to produce an easy to use Linux distro with powerful diagnostic and repair tools for the Home PC hobbyist through to PC repair tech professionals. It also contains preset configurations to give you quick access to the Podnutz community.



Conky – Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. Conky is licensed under the GPL and runs on Linux and BSD.




[14:36] Linux Commands on Android



[19:14] Wineskin – Wineskin is a tool used to make wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X. The wrappers are in the form of a normal Mac .app Application, which can be double clicked and ran just like its native. They can also be used to make a distributable “port” of software. You do not need the Windows program’s source code, you can attempt to port any program you want. Best of all, its free!




[23:35] Live blog: running PC Pro on Ubuntu



[28:33] London Stock Exchange Switched to Linux.




[40:37] WTF Desktop Environments: GNOME, KDE, and More Explained – You can customize nearly every last inch of your Linux installation to fit your liking, and it starts with choosing the right desktop environment. Whether you’re a Linux beginner or you’re just looking for a new interface, here’s an overview of how desktop environments work and how to pick the right one for you.




[44:04] KDE 4.6 – KDE Puts You In Control with New Workspaces, Applications and Platform

On 26th January 2011, KDE has released 4.6.0, containing compelling new features and improvements to the Plasma Workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Development Platform. Highlights include better suitability for mobile devices, a faceted browsing mode for files and an Activity manager to group and handle applications.




[49:02] Gnome Shell 3 – GNOME Shell is the defining technology of the GNOME 3 desktop user experience. It provides core interface functions like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a delightful and easy to use experience.





[53:23] Web Development, Better Done On GNU/Linux.



[58:39] 20 New User Misconceptions about Linux.



1) Linux will behave like Windows.

2) Windows software looks better than Linux software.

3) You have to be a geek to operate Linux.

4) There is no software available for Linux.

5) Installing software on Linux is difficult.

6) Linux is terrible for small businesses.

7) You cannot watch movies on Linux.

8) Linux has no quality control because everything is freely available.

9) Linux supports less hardware than Windows.

10) You can’t easily run multiple monitors with Linux.

11) Linux has terrible printer/scanner support.

12) Linux doesn’t play well with webcams.

13) MP3 player support is non-existent with Linux.

14) Most USB devices don’t work with Linux.

15) There aren’t any good games for Linux.

16) There aren’t any good video editing applications for Linux.

17) Linux represents a specific political viewpoint.

18) Linux has no malware.

19) No one offers Linux tech support.

20) Only poor people and “cheapskates” use Linux on their desktop.


[1:05:47] 10 Android Apps for Linux Server Admins – The Linux server admin on the go needs a good remote administration toolkit. Here are 10 useful remote administration apps for Android devices.



[1:12:06] The FreedomBox Foundation.




[1:19:38] Dr Bob’s LowFat Linux – This website is a free course for learning Linux, a version of Unix that runs on ordinary personal computers. I created it for people who want to learn the basics of using Linux, and thereby Unix, without getting bogged down in too much detail or technobabble.



[1:21:19] YoLinux.com – This Linux site is dedicated to providing tutorials, help, documentation, on-line training, guides and links for Linux users.



[1:25:08] Puppy Arcade 10.




[1:29:55] Amazon.com Includes Linux Users in New Movie Streaming Service.



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