Linux For The Rest Of Us #51 – Package Management

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[02:14] Basic Basic
Package types, deb, rpm, pet, yada yada

The RUNZ Framework is a tool that allows the use of portable apps and something called SuperDebs (an installer with a .deb file + its dependencies that can be installed offline, created by SuperDeb Creator) in Super OS. It is included in Super OS 9.04

[12:28] Ween people towards open source.
Thunderbird and Lightning.
Thunderbird (
Thunderbird Screenshots (

Lightning (

Lightning Screenshots (


[21:12] Mobiletide – Order the latest cell phones and wireless products right here at MobileTide at deeply-discounted prices and with Free Shipping on most orders! Many of the deals on our site won’t last, so reserve your favorite smartphone, cell phone, or wireless netbook today.


[28:50] Simple Invoices – Simple Invoices is a free, open source, web based invoicing system that you can install on your server/pc or have hosted by one of our services providers.


[34:00] Getting secure with Mantra – Mantra is an open source, browser-based framework for penetration testing and security assessments. It’s based on Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser, so it’s cross-platform, and it’s part of the Open Web Application Security Project — OWASP



[37:06] Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It will offer you timous mining and gathering of information as well as the representation of this information in a easy to understand format.
timous (comparative more timous, superlative most timous)


[43:55] Game Drift Linux


[49:28] How To Set Up And Integrate An Ubuntu 10.04 LTSPv5 Server Into A Windows 2008 Active Directory Domain


[52:19] Linux-based system tries to tame San Francisco traffic.

“The 2070LN2 NEMA controller is available now at an undisclosed price.”

[55:49] GNOME Screencasts – 04. Creating a posh guitar tuner – How to create an astonishing, breathtaking, groovy, wicked, peachy guitar tuner using GTK+, GStreamer and python.

[1:02:30] Hybrid gateway appliance offers flexible configuration – ClearCenter announced a line of Linux-based hybrid gateway appliances claimed to replace “an entire rack of separate server, network, and gateway equipment.”


Antimalware Protection

Antispam Protection
Bandwidth Management
Intrusion Protection
Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion Detection
Protocol Filtering
including Peer-to-Peer Detection
Content Filter
Web Proxy
Access Control

[1:06:06] How to Make Windows Faster than Linux – In terms of speed, we can’t deny the fact that Linux has an edge over Windows. This is because Linux is more efficient in handling computer resources when compared to the more bloated Windows.


[1:07:50] Emails



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