Linux For The Rest Of Us #70 – Stop And Reflec

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve Cherubino and Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek


Episode 70 Show Notes


[01:13] Basic basic
Free Software is like a holiday everyday ….. maybe we should give something back?

[06:33] sudo apt-get install xsnow


[09:21] Linux Commands on Android

How to Install Ubuntu on Your Nexus One/Android!

[19:08] Application Development: Linux Skills Open Huge Job Opportunities – Linux is hot, and the demand for Linux workers will continue to grow in 2012, according to Linux.com, a site established by the Linux Foundation.

[23:06] The Forge.mil Program – Forge.mil is a family of services provided to support the DoD’s technology development community. The system enables the collaborative development and use of open source and DoD community source software.


[28:36] Open Source Software Institute
Tipping Point Slide Deck – A perspective on the Government Adoption of Open Source Software.

[34:43] Scheduled video capturing on GNU/Linux made easy – Do you ever have the need to capture video based on a schedule?.


[37:18] Setting Up Unison File Synchronization Between Two Servers On Ubuntu 11.10 – This tutorial shows how to set up file synchronization between two Ubuntu 11.10 servers with Unison. Unison is a file-synchronization tool similar to rsync, but the big difference is that it tracks/synchronizes changes in both directions, i.e., files changed on server1 will be replicated to server2 and vice versa. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!.

[40:43] Taking a Glance at Ryzom the Science-Fantasy MMORPG – Although Ryzom has had a native Linux client for over a year now the game hasn’t gained much respect from Ubuntu gamers and with all honesty that is no reflection on the quality of this highly addictive MMORPG.


[43:38] Outerra 3D Planetary Engine Renders Whole Planets from Space Down to the Surface, Will Wow You! – Outerra 3D Plenatary Engine is capable of seamlessly rendering full 3D world right from Planets in the space to surface down at the earth. You will be able to go on a Himalayas Trip or can fly an Apache Helicopter over the terrain. The 3D graphics are very realistic and high quality.

[48:48] Unity Tweak Tool ‘MyUnity’ Gets New Look, Coming to Ubuntu Software Centre – Ubuntu unity customization app ‘MyUnity’ has been updated with a revamped interface. The application provides a user-friendly way to adjust, tweak and customize part of the Unity desktop.

[51:54] PayPal Payments Now Supported in the Ubuntu Software Centre – The update, which is only available to users of Ubuntu 11.10, provides millions of Ubuntu users with another safe and secure payment method for accessing the continually growing range of paid software and digital-publishings that are available through the Ubuntu Software Centre.


[53:32] Introducing Ubuntu Cities Scope for Unity – Today, we are introducing the Ubuntu Cities Scope for Unity, a plugin that will allow users to access weather and local time information for various cities around the world.



[58:30] 60 Open Source Replacements for Communications Software – Open source software for blogging, file transfer, wikis, CRM, desktop publishing, email and much more.
Blogging Platforms
Content Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Desktop Publishing
File Transfer
Instant Messaging
Mail Servers
Web Page Design

[1:05:55] White House releases early test code for Data.gov platform, moves closer to open source reality – The White House’s Open Government Partnership inched closer to maturity last week, with the release of a new open data platform, designed to help other governments set up their own Data.gov portals.

Data.gov – According to its website, “The purpose of Data.gov is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.” The site seeks to become “a repository for all the information the government collects.” The site would publish to the public any data that is not private or restricted for national security reasons.


Frostcast – Interview Sunlight Labs.
Jonathan Nadeau interviews James Turk a software developer and project leader of Open State.
The Open State Project provides a free API for accessing state legislative information.




Apps for America is Sunlight’s annual development contest! Prizes go to developers who can use data from Sunlight and our partners that makes Congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.



[1:25:20] EMAILS.



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