Linux For The Rest Of Us #77 – And The Winner Is…

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek.

Episode 77 Show Notes


[11:45] Basic Basic

Take the Linux Filesystem Tour.


Screenshot (http://tuxradar.com/files/LXF95.feat_filesystem.diagram.png)


[15:36] Bonus!

Some time-saving tips that every Linux user should know – Here is a selection of command-line tips that I’ve found useful when working on Linux.



[18:18] Canonical aims for enterprise desktop with Ubuntu business remix – Canonical has announced the availability of the Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix, a new variant of the popular Linux distribution that has been customized for use in enterprise environments. It is based on Ubuntu 11.10, the current stable version of the distro, but it offers a slightly different set of packages in the default installation.



[22:10] Epic Linux Image Backup for Mixed OS Networks Software Functionality Announced by Novosoft – Novosoft LLC, the developer of data backup killer apps, introduced new functionality for the Handy Backup software. The update is to bring Linux backup for PCs in mixed OS networks.




[26:18] Linux Popularity Sparks Salary Jump – Companies adopting the free, open-source Linux operating system are having trouble finding developers and system administrators skilled in Linux, according to a new survey to be released next week.



[31:03] Catch Creeps and Thieves in Action: Set Up a Motion-Activated Webcam DVR in LinuxRead.


with (http://www.zoneminder.com/)

screenshots (http://www.zoneminder.com/screenshots)


[35:40] Trimble Yuma, The Military Grade Ubuntu Linux Tablet – There’s been plenty of buzz building up around tablets running Linux. The buzz was first centered around what was being called simply the Ubuntu tablet. And then came the Mer Linux and KDE tablet that’s being called Plasma Active.

Trimble Yuma Ubuntu Tablet: Price = $3695



[40:22] MakeUseOf Guides – cross platform goodness – You will find over 50 high quality guides covering wide variety of topics. From a dummy guide to build your own computer to an easy encryption guide. All free. Enjoy! Share them with everyone!



[48:30] Userful – Userful is the trusted provider of cloud managed virtual desktops with over 800,000 seats of its solutions sold, and millions of daily users in over 100 countries. The foremost expert in Linux shared computing, Userful has more than 10 years experience in MultiSeat. Userful is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with offices in Latin America as well as South Asia, and partners around the world.




Local Hardware


USB Guide


Supported USB Multiseat Devices



[54:30] Desura Game Client Is Now Open-Source – Desura, the Steam-like game distribution service that came natively to Linux last year, is now open-source.



[57:10] Perth coder finds new Debian ‘worth’ $18 billion – A Perth-based Debian developer has estimated the commercial cost of labour required to build the forthcoming release of the operating system, codenamed Wheezy, would be $17.7 billion.



[58:33] Strategy Game OilRush Finally Washes Ashore – The game, which has been over a year in the making, is available to buy from the Unigine Online Store right now for $19.95.



[1:02:18] Emails



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