Linux For The Rest Of Us #78 – Ubuntu For Android

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek.

Episode 78 Show Notes


[02:20] Basic Basic

For games, go light

lxde, awesome, fluxbox, openbox, xfce


[04:37] Ubuntu for Android – In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out.



[14:51] Penguin Producer – Reteo – The Penguin Producer is a website dedicated to the advancement of Linux as a viable media production platform. Whether you want to make movies, podcasts, or music; whether it’s intended to be recorded or streamed live, you can find tips, tricks, tutorials, and tool documentation here that can help you bring on your “A Game” in Linux.



[17:22] Understanding Web Host Plans: 7 Terms to Know – Not Linux but people need to know this – If you’re new to Web hosting, the bevy of plans available from many providers may confuse you. Here’s a quick primer on what’s what in the world of Web hosting.



[21:29] GTK Theming Tutorial – for Buyer Brown – This tutorial will explain the basics of creating a GTK+2 theme for use with GNOME 2.2 and above.



[24:09] Controlling Liquor Loss with Linux – What does Linux have to do with the Replay Lounge’s success? As it turns out, a lot.



[30:54] FosDem videos – In 2012, the videos were recorded by the DebConf video team, with help

from IRILL. Live streaming was done by, who were very helpful



[38:01] 10 Pentesting Linux Distributions You Should Try – With the help of open source tools, penetration testing can now be conducted easier (although it can also be hard sometimes :p ) and cheaper. Linux has gained popularity in the area of penetration testing and information security. Not just because of its security but because of its efficiency because most Pentesting Linux distros that can just be booted using your flash drive or a live CD which makes wherein you don’t need to install it on your HDD.



[40:34] Booktype – The open source platform to write and publish print and digital books! – Booktype is a free, open source platform that produces beautiful, engaging books formatted for print, Amazon, iBooks and almost any ereader within minutes.



[42:18] A Selection of the Very Best Open Source Tutorials and Tools – Regularly, we at OStatic update our collections of open source resources, tutorials, free open source books, reviews, product comparisons and project tours. These educational toolkits are an essential part of the learning mission we try to preserve at the site.



[45:25] Eight features Windows 8 borrowed from Linux – Linux got there first, but does Windows do it better?



[53:11] EMAILS



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