Linux For The Rest Of Us #79 – Open Door Policy

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek.

Episode 79 Show Notes


[02:23] ElementOpie – Entertaining, intelligent, enlightening media for passionate people.




[05:15] Basic Basic

Re-thought time, Windows 8 cause I have no place else to vent this opinion.


[11:05] Raspberry Pi, Thanks Shannon.


KightWise NarrowCasting



[17:14] Soapbox: Soapbox #793 Jonathan Nadeau.



[22:58]Ubuntu for Android follow up.



[25:59] Best Lightweight Linux Distribution for Older Computers – The problem with advancement of technology is that it makes the old gadgets almost obsolete. And it happens mostly in case of computers. We do not buy computers/laptops every six month or every year, well most of us don’t. But the fast pace of software development always make our six-months old PC looks old and slow.


Slitaz Docs- (http://www.slitaz.org/en/doc/)

Slitaz Handbook – (http://doc.slitaz.org/en:handbook:start)


[31:00] How to teach undergrads how to become open source contributors without writing any code.



[34:42] Useful commands for Linux normal users and administrators.



[39:07] Linux as an Automation Host – Automation is a perennial technical buzzword among System Administrators (SAs) and in management circles alike. Business owners and managers demand automation with the thought that it will save “man hours” and possibly decrease the need for a full technical staff. System Administrators realize that this is not the case nor is staff reduction the inevitable result of automation. The bad news is that the purpose of automation isn’t to reduce staff numbers. The good news is that there are several reasons for automation that make it a worthwhile pursuit.



[43:51] Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Becomming A Linux Admin – This article is for you new Linux admins; here are the ten things I wish I knew when starting my Linux admin journey.



[47:33] Email to Fax Gateway – One of the main uses for HylaFAX is as an email to fax gateway. This gateway unifies a users communications, so that faxing is as simple as using an email client. The user can email john@08812345678.fax and know that the message typed, and any attachment will be faxed via HylaFAX.



[50:05] The Perfect Media Server – Ubuntu 11.10 [Sabnzbd+/Sickbeard/Couch Potato/Headphones/Serviio] – This tutorial shows how to install Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) and all the programs needed for the perfect media server to download all your media and stream it to your PS3.



[52:48] (Install Tribler In Ubuntu Via PPA (Decentralized Bittorrent Application) – Tribler is a cross-platform, decentralized Bittorrent application which means it doesn’t require any torrent website to find and download content.



[55:07] 100 Best Free and High Quality Linux Games – There are literally thousands of games that can be played on Linux, if you’re a casual gamer or hardcore Linux fan who is looking to have a bit of fun on your favourite distro, there’s plenty of games to choose from. If you are unsure what to get, this list will help you out. This list includes all the popular and free high quality games that runs on Linux natively, from action/first-person shooters to real-time and turn-based strategy games to rpg/mmorpg etc.



[57:10] Code Hero: A Game That Teaches You To Make Games – Code Hero is a game that teaches you how to make games so you can learn to code while you play with a Code Gun that shoots Javascript in Unity 3D!



[59:56] Introduction To The Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop – This tutorial is supposed to guide the reader through the features of the Cinnamon desktop, Mint’s new desktop environment to be used in Linux Mint 13. Cinnamon concentrates on holding on to classic design and functionality in times where Gnome 3 and Unity come up with different innovations to the user interface.



[1:01:10] WordGrinder: Good, Old-Fashioned Text Editing Power – WordGrinder is not a word processor or even a fully functional text editor. In the sense of what Abiword and OpenOffice or LibreOffice offer, WordGrinder falls far short. But its just-over 6,000 lines of code running within a terminal window environment gives you a light and lively tool that runs in the skimpiest of hardware.


Official site – (http://wordgrinder.sourceforge.net/)


[1:03:21] Mind-Controlled Game, Mind Labyrinth, Comes To Linux – MindLabyrinth is a game where you control an old mayan avatar and must solve puzzles to reach Patchamama’s hidden temple.


Headset 99$ – (http://store.neurosky.com/products/mindwave-1)


[1:0512] Mattel Is Finally Making the Back to the Future Hoverboard – The Mattel hoverboard doesn’t actually hover as it’s only a 1:1 replica of the movie version but that’s okay! It’s still a must have piece for any BTTF fan.



[1:07:20] EMAILS


awesome Window Manager





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