Linux For The Rest Of Us #81 – Power Week

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek.

Episode 81 Show Notes


[06:16] EMAILS


[16:59] Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

Administrators want the robust, secure Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® foundation. End users want leading applications and features from the open source community. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop, you can have it all.



[38:48] 10 free Linux e-books



[46:47]Basic Basic

Remember these things are for everybody


How Real People Will Use Windows 8



An Average Consumer’s Take on the New iPad, Facebook



Using Mac OS X for the First Time



A User’s First Time with Linux Ubuntu



What did I learn, I learned I do not want a computing experience built for everybody, I want a computing experience built for me, so I use Linux!!!


[54:54] The “real” next Ubuntu?? maybe – SolusOS is a modern Linux operating system based on the hugely popular Debian Linux distribution. It works out of the box with great support for all your modern day computing needs. You can enjoy all of the creature comforts of the modern desktop world on an incredibly light system, suitable for old and new computers.



[1:02:42] Raspberry Pi (momentarily) more popular than Lady Gaga…



[1:04:13] Double Fine’s adventure game Kickstarter ends with over $3.2 million pledged –



[1:06:58] Triforce – Starting out as a studentproject, with the goal of doing a remake of Zelda in 3D, the project has later evolved into a general 3D game engine. The final result of the studentproject is available for downloading. The generic engine is under development.(




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