Linux For The Rest Of Us #99 – Accessible Computing Foundation

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux! With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek.

With special guest this week Jonathan Nadeau from

Episode 99 Show Notes


Basic Basic

Partitions – “/” root, swap and “/home”

Basic needs install

SSD config – How to Tweak Your SSD in Ubuntu for Better Performance.



UEFI Mobo install – Create an UEFI System Partition in Linux. (


My SSD Partitions


Jonathan – A Marathon To Help!



Accessibility checker – WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. It is used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. Rather than providing a complex technical report, WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page.



It’s time to make your plans to attend the best Ohio LinuxFest yet. We are celebrating our tenth year with a great lineup of speakers, great technical training at the Ohio LinuxFest Institute, a new training track for folks just starting with Linux, parties, BOF sessions, vendor exhibits, and all the things you expect from Ohio LinuxFest.

This year we are trying something a little different with our registration. The Enthusiast registration is still free, the training registrations are the same. But in place of the Supporter registration we have created an a la carte menu of supporter options so you can purchase the items you you are interested in. On the Registration page you will see a link for _Supporter Add-Ons_ which will let you purchase a ticket for the Saturday party, a T-shirt, register for the Diversity in Open Source workshop, or make a donation to support OLF. And we may add items in the future, so check back later for other items.

To register for Ohio LinuxFest 2012, please go to (


Ohio LinuxFest is proud to announce the lineup for our 2012 presentation of the Ohio LinuxFest Institute (OLFI). This program combines high-quality training from top professionals with a bargain price you cannot match in most training opportunities. When you get your training at OLFI, you can count on:

* OLFI classes presented by subject matter experts who are ”also”

professional trainers;

* Trainers include employees of industry leaders like Red Hat and

Cloudera, as well as Linux Foundation and LPI;

* OLFI classes individually would cost several times more than our

asking price. This is tremendous bargain for ”professional” training

OLFI isn’t enthusiasts sharing their experiences, but paid

professionals leading students through formalized instruction on

technologies of the day. We have in-depth system administration topics

like performance tuning, SELinux, and advanced shell scripting. We

have a Hadoop double-header for people interested in Big Data. And we

have a Puppet double-header for people looking to tame their

configuration management needs. Time Management for Sysadmins and an

intro to the vi editor round out the formal training.

For all of the details please go to (


I found a really good looking game by Wolfire (the humble indie bundle folks) called overgrowth.


The front page background isn’t indicative of the quality of the in-game graphics. And it’s still in alpha, so we haven’t seen the best of it yet.


Symlink – When you were in Windows, you created some file in My Documents. To make it easy on yourself to open, you may have created a “shortcut” on the desktop. That way all you had to do was double-click on your desktop icon and you got to your real file.

The basic idea is you create an entry on the filesytem to point to the real one. You did not actually copy the file itself, but you now have two possible ways to point to the same file. Your Windows shortcuts were not genuine symlinks, but they are close enough to get the concept.



P2V or p-to-v – P2V: Physical-to-Virtual hard drives and images.



Meet Create Launcher, easy example-based launcher creation tool – Create Launcher 1.0 has been designed as an automatic hassle-free tool that creates launchers suited for both newcomers (interested in just an icon on the Dash that, when clicked, launches its intended application) and advanced users (usually interested in adding specific in-depth bits to a launcher). (


Add, organize and access text and image files via MyShelf, fancy visual board – MyShelf is an all-in-one like tool that features a fancy area where elements of interest are to be placed, such as text and images, items categorized and displayed on a “canvas” properly aligned and exposed, basically a virtual board useful for “You’ve found an exciting recipe on the web – shelf it/You’re tasting a great new wine – shelf it/You’ve just had a cool idea which you wish to note – shelf it”.




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