Linux For The Rest Of Us #116 – High Tech Redneck

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Tracy Holtz from joins us this week!

Episode 116 Show Notes


Special Co-Host!: Tracy Holz from The Techie Geek.


Basic Basic:


Support those who support you:



Linux Kernel 3.7 released today! – This release adds support for the new ARM 64-bit architecture, ARM multiplatform.



Steam games begin adding Linux system requirements – Games in the Steam store have begun listing Linux system requirements, hinting that the client is making good progress towards a wider release.



Inside the Pi Factory – The factory has been making the boards since August this year and now produces up to 3,000 Raspberry Pi boards every day. From January next year the factory will step up to 4,000 boards each day.



Raspberry Pi Cases from CookTechInc on eBay! – This case is professionally designed and made in the U.S.A. by a manufacturer of metal stampings since 1946. These sturdy cases are made from 19 gauge (.040 thick) cold rolled steel and are black powered coat painted for a durable finish.



Want to know how to do something in Linux? HowToGeek (probably) has you covered! – This list contains all of the articles written about Linux.



5 ways to check your disk usage on Linux.



Test Marathon LibreOffice 4.0


Mageia Discussion/Review – Mageia was created in 2010 as a fork of Mandriva Linux by a group of former employees of Mandriva S.A. and several other developers and users and supporters of the Mandriva community.




Tracy’s Notes on Mageia:


1 – Ships with 5 desktop environments – GNOME 3.4.1, KDE 4.8.2, XFCE, LXDE. & Sugar 0.95

2 – Ships with 6 web browsers – Firefox, Epiphany (rebranded now as Web), Chromium, Opera, Midori, and Konqueror

3 – Ships with 4 email clients – Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird and Claws Mail

4 – Control Center – everything in one place

5 – I find the community much friendlier than the Big “U” community

6 – Polished – no pressured releases & 100% community driven!! (9 month release cycle)








Buyer Brown, SporkSabre and Red Dwarf


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Wouff-Hong Podcast


The Accessible Computing Foundation




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