Linux For The Rest Of Us #120 – Jonthan Nadeau from Sonar, and NELF

Direct MP3 Download: Linux For The Rest Of Us #120 – Jonthan Nadeau from Sonar, and NELF

A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek and Cody Cooper

Episode 120 Show Notes

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FireFox Ex

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Basic Basic – uhhh let’s try planning …. again, maybe Chromebook + ( )


Jonathan Nadeau aka “Admiral Jonathan T. Nadeau” started



Podcast (

and ( (The Accessible Computing Foundation)

and from ( tells us all about the festivities


Valve Suggesting Windows Users to Try Ubuntu and Steam Linux Beta – When visiting Steam download page from a web browser running on a Linux based OS, you are pointed to Linux version of Steam and a promo ad about Steam Linux beta is shown. However, Valve is now showing the same page to Windows users as well, encouraging them to download Ubuntu and try out latest Steam Linux beta.

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Mozilla’s Firefox OS Complete Demo @ Mobile World Congress – We bring to you the complete demo of Mozilla’s Firefox OS from Mobile World Congress.

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Google Continues Working A Lot On Coreboot

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Hay everyone,

is there a an app that will un-drm audio files? Bill @ Going Linux had to do this with audable files?




Hey guys, I just listened to the 1st part of LFTROU-119. Thanks for the mention. You guys are great. Keep up the great work.

FYI My newest project is running puppylinux on an old Dell P4 desktop that is hooked up to a 60 inch HD TV via DVI. The puppy will be running some sort of Super Nintendo Emulator, so I can let me kids play all the games that I used to. My research shows that I should be able to use a playstation2 controller with a USB adapter, and have it work in the linux OS. I’ll post back if I can get it working, and my experience.

Sidenote: I got remoetdesktop setup so I can RDP from puppylinux into a XP session, and surf the internet in front of the big screen. Sadly enough I found out that you are not able to play Netflix if you are RDP’ed into the XP OS from another PC. @#$$%^ microcrap

Anyways have a great week guys!



Pokey’s interview – (


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