Linux For The Rest Of Us #121 – Audio Editing Virtual Machine

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek and Cody Cooper

Episode 121 Show Notes


The CLI Crash Course – This is a mini-book that teaches you Unix or Windows command line skills. Unlike the “Learn The Hard Way” series, this crash course is designed to get you mostly capable in a few hours to a few days. It has little explanation and focuses more on doing a small set of commands until you remember them.



A Beginner’s Guide to DIYing with the Raspberry Pi – It’s Raspberry Pi week at Lifehacker, and for the next five days we’ll be showing you some cool DIY projects you can put together with this little miracle of a device.



Ubuntu Powered Nibbio Tablet Dual Boots With Android – The tablet market may be saturated with Android tablets, but it’s not very often that you find a well-spec’d tablet boasting Ubuntu. Italian company DaVinci Mobile Technology has opened up pre-orders for its new 10.1 inch, full HD tablet. The tablet will feature a dual boot system with Android 4.0 installed alongside Ubuntu 12.



Lsyncd – Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon – Lsyncd watches a local directory trees event monitor interface (inotify or fsevents). It aggregates and combines events for a few seconds and then spawns one (or more) process(es) to synchronize the changes. By default this is rsync. Lsyncd is thus a light-weight live mirror solution that is comparatively easy to install not requiring new filesystems or blockdevices and does not hamper local filesystem performance.



Amazon’s top selling laptop doesn’t run Windows or Mac OS, it runs Linux – According to Amazon, the number one selling laptop isn’t a Windows PC or a Mac, it’s the Samsung Chromebook, which runs Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS.



ChrUbuntu 12.04 – ChrUbuntu is a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04, the latest Long Term Service release customized to run on Chromebooks. This is the first Ubuntu for Chromebooks that is 64-bit which means it will be twice as fast! Okay, maybe not but it’ll at least be compatible with the new Chromebook and Chromebox 🙂 Also with this release, Chromebook features like 2-finger scrolling and audio and brightness controls work out of box.



How one man introduced his 2yr old and 5 yr old daughters to xmonad and startx





Stefan Reist writes:


Hi Cody & Door


I hope you had nice, merry and relaxing Christmas and wish you both good health, happiness and podnutzian success!


Can you suggest a cheap box that is linux-install friendly? After a bit more than 1 year now using linux at home (mostly Ubuntu based distros), I would like to have a box for distro hopping which is beginner friendly and inexpensive.


How about the following asus eeebox?




David Christensen writes:


Hello Door and Cody




Baseball spring training is days away and I would like to throw the first ” PITCH “. I am the guy with the OFFICIAL OLF 2012 autographed Baseball Signed by 27 podcasters including yourselves and a BAD signature from the Cherub. Includes the Podnutsters, Geeksters, TLLTsters, Unbootablsters etc etc 27 YES 27 signatures in all WOOT !!!!


I would like to donate this Ball to some kind of contest/prom o that you could run on behalf of raising money for :NELF or Johnatans Nadaeu’s personal endeavours


I’m sure you guys will come up with something, let me know where I can send the BALL


Unfortunately I won’t be there. I’m home planning my OLF costume for 2013 No Comicon ? Oh NO LOL




David Christensen ( aka davidkitchener )


PS – I never miss a cast but confused sometimes where and how to receive ie lounge , google meetup, mumble, twitch, etc



Kevin O-Brien writes:


It is not often I can improve on your answer, but I just listened to

show 118, where the question was about rebooting Linux. Here is the

best answer I have:





Mark Nierdorff writes:


On the podcast, you gave a way of listing all installed packages through bash_history.


But, suppose you want all the packages, not just the ones that you manually installed within the last 500 +/- bash commands? (see the limitations?) So, how about a more general and USEFUL answer? If you use ubuntu, in a terminal:


$sudo dpkg –get-selections > packages-list..txt


any other linux, become root and


#dpkg –get-selections > packages-list.txt


Why is this better??? (thought you’d never ask)


Install any apt based distribution and when the install is complete, before

you install anything else, run the above command. You now have a list of ALL

of the packages in your base system.


Run the command again, but (VERY IMPORTANT) with a different filename after the

“>” so the command will look like:


$sudo dpkg –get-selections > updated-packages-list.txt


Magic time: Want to see just the packages that have been added since install?

Use the diff (difference) utility like this:


diff packages-list.txt updated-packages-list..txt


So, now you have a list of ALL of the packages that have been added since

initial install.


If you want to make this even cooler, add the command that creates the

“updated-packages-list.txt” file to a startup file and have the list recreated

everytime you boot.


Still cooler….put a “&” at the end of the line in the startup script and the

command will run in the background and not slow you down while it runs.





SHOUTOUTS of the WEEK (that’s right, there’s two!)


1) Jeff Owens who sent us a picture of his wife and granddaughter. In the photo she is sitting in front of a computer using DouDou Linux.



2) John Zimm who sent us a video of his custom Ubuntu setup on his brand new machine that he built himself



To Do List after installing Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzel




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