Linux For The Rest Of Us #126 – Rambo Obando Invades

Direct MP3 Download: Linux For The Rest Of Us #126 – Rambo Obando Invades

A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, with Cody Cooper and guest host Martin Obando

Episode 126 Show Notes


Tech Site Builder 2 – For techs who need a website for their computer repair business but don’t know where to start


– Much more SEO friendly! Get picked up easier from the search engines.

– Completely customizable – change any text on the site to your liking!

– Modern looking graphics – keeps you up with the times!

– Improved structure and layout – makes customers more likely to take action and call you!

– Ability to add as many pages as you want to the site!

– Brand new Google Adwords tutorial – to reflect any changes made to the Adwords system

– Tutorial on setting up Google Places and Bing Business!

– Add a blog to your site to improve and expand your content!

– Just as easy to set up as the original!


– Steve was going to give a 20% discount but he just told me he raised it to a 40% discount


The link is (


Basic Basic – Recognize that you’re part of a community and do your part. Big or small.


OMGChrome Launches! – Everything Chrome, ChromeOS & Chromium. Daily.

( )


Chrome OS undefeated at Pwnium 2013 event – At this year’s Pwnium event hosted by Google, hackers would unable to exploit Chrome OS. However, partial exploits are currently being reviewed.

( )


Acer Ups The C7 Chromebook’s RAM, Battery Life And, Sadly, Price – The Acer C7 Chromebook is now a bit more powerful. With the RAM doubled to 4GB, the latest flavor of Acer’s inexpensive but still tasty Chromebook should be able to handle a few more simultaneous tasks.



Cody got to hold a Samsung Chromebook today!


Chrome Pixel Talk


– Easy to install, self partitioning

– Walk through post install scripts

– Desktop open environment = openbox

– Easy to use

– XML files

– No desktop icons, very minimalistic

– Debian Wheezy

  • 99% of my apps I was able to install with direct *.deb file, apt-get or synaptic
  • Found all drivers
  • Trouble with dual monitors


How to Copy Files in Linux and Unix? 10 cp Command Examples – While this tutorial is for beginners, it is also helpful for everybody to quickly review various cp command options using some practical examples.

( )


Ubuntu GNOME Remix (Ubuntu and GNOME shell) is an official Ubuntu spin and will be renamed “Ubuntu GNOME” – If you want the best of GNOME Shell and Ubuntu, there is no competition, Ubuntu GNOME Remix it is.

( )


Doctor Mo’s Blog about Ubuntu

( )


Lightworks for Linux: First official full length demo – RedShark’s very lucky because we share an office building (and a parent company, EditShare) with one of the most talked-about products in the world of video: Lightworks. We’re editorially independent of Lightworks and EditShare, but it certainly helps when we can can sit down next to the developers, product and technical support managers and say “how about making an exclusive for RedShark: the first-ever full-length official demo of Lightworks for Linux”.

( )


Xi3 opens $999.99 pre-orders for Piston, the first ‘Steam Box’ gaming computer – Xi3, one of several companies approached by Valve to work on a “Steam Box” console — though Valve now disavows involvement — has opened pre-orders for its gaming-optimized PC. The Piston, which was first shown off at CES in January, uses a small enclosure like that of Xi3’s other modular computers.



Humble Bundle with Android 5 available! Now with more games!!! – We’re back with number five of our Android (also for Windows, Mac, and Linux) game bundles: Humble Bundle with Android 5! And we’ve got a load of fantastic games and soundtracks to keep you entertained!





Michael Bye writes:


Hey guys,


Great show. My question involves Ubuntu 10.04 end of life coming up soon. I’m running this distro and really like it. When the updates stop, do you see any reason for me to move on to something else? Everything is set just the way I like it, and I don’t want to spend the time to install a newer version. I’m really just concerned with security- is it safe to continue online banking with a no longer supported version of linux?


Michael Bye



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