Linux For The Rest Of Us #129 – FTW

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the DoorToDoorGeek and Cody Cooper

Episode 129 Show Notes


Tech Site Builder 2 – For techs who need a website for their computer repair business but don’t know where to start


– Much more SEO friendly! Get picked up easier from the search engines.

– Completely customizable – change any text on the site to your liking!

– Modern looking graphics – keeps you up with the times!

– Improved structure and layout – makes customers more likely to take action and call you!

– Ability to add as many pages as you want to the site!

– Brand new Google Adwords tutorial – to reflect any changes made to the Adwords system

– Tutorial on setting up Google Places and Bing Business!

– Add a blog to your site to improve and expand your content!

– Just as easy to set up as the original!


– Steve was going to give a 20% discount but he just told me he raised it to a 40% discount


The link is (


Mad Monkey Hosting – At Mad Monkey Hosting, we are specialized in providing high-performance, client-centric shared hosting solutions. Our mission is to render the web hosting service as simple to use as possible.



Basic Basic –


Even easier to play with OwnCloud – ownCloud helps store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more on a server of your choosing. Access that folder from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, when you need it.

( )


No-IP – For over 13 years, No-IP has been offering the best and most affordable Managed DNS solutions. Our robust Anycast Network with points of presence in 11 different world class facilities across the globe guarantees our 100% Uptime, because let’s face it, there are no upsides to downtime. Our DNS Experts will ensure that your website is fast and reliable, guaranteed.

( )


DtDNS is a complete provider of DNS hosting and DNS management services with a focus on dynamic DNS and dynamic IP address management. If you are on a dynamic IP address, we enable you to host your own services just as if you had a static IP address.



Etherpad Lite – Real-time document collaboration – Etherpad Lite is a real-time collaborative editor, sort of like a web-based multiplayer Notepad that allows groups of users to simultaneously edit a text document, with the ability to display each author’s text in their own color. There is also a chat box in the sidebar to allow meta communication.

( )


Options For User Auditing On Linux Platforms – A variety of methods exist for auditing user activity in UNIX and Linux environments. Some of them come preinstalled within common distributions, some can be downloaded as freeware, and some are commercially available products. Here are some of the most popular methods for auditing.

( )


OpenELEC 3.0 Linux distro gets official, supports ‘more hardware than ever’ – The OpenELEC Linux distro came out of beta with its official 3.0.0 version this week, and according to its makers nearly every part has been upgraded since the 2.0 release last year. ( )


WUBI to be dropped from Ubuntu 13.04 – In a message to the Ubuntu Devel Mailing list, Canonical’s Steve Langasek states that the Ubuntu Foundations team ‘…does not expect Wubi to be in a releasable state for 13.04.’

( )


WUBI, which stands for Windows based Ubuntu Installer


Is wubi for Windows 8.



GNOME 3.8 to bring back “Classic Mode” – This morning, GNOME 3.8 was released. While there are many new exciting features for the GNOME Shell users of 3.8, I will be taking a look at the new Classic Mode reboot for GNOME.



Gnome 3.8 Features: Integrate ownCloud in Gnome! – It wasn’t long till a “just a discussion” in Gnome MLs jumped as official feature for Gnome 3.8!?! The Open Desktop finally hangs the Open Cloud and Gnome once again is proud to prove that supports the Open Source, it supports the Cloud!



Google Chrome drops support for Ubuntu 10.04 – Using Google Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS? Bad news: the big G has dropped support for you as of Chrome 26, which was released last week.



NOTE: Michael Bye followed up with 4/2 on Ubuntu 10.04 EOL


Shutter: The Ultimate Linux Screenshot Program – Shutter is a free, open-source, and feature-rich screenshot tool for GNU/Linux distributions.



Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go.





Mark Merner writes:


What I would like you to explain is the Debian versions. ie sarge,

wheezy, stable. and others and the whole idea of debian verison.

thanks. Also what downloads do I need to install. there are DVD 1-7 disks.

which do I need?? help!






Jaxon wrote me via Google Talk:


Hey Cody, I have another question for you. I’m currently using Bodhi and trying to fully convert to it from Mint. One thing I’m noticing is the imaging quality on Bodhi. Everything seems to be blurry and fuzzy. For example, the window borders are a bit blurred. Also, text and images on web pages is blurry. Any idea why this might be? Or some kind of solution for improving sharpness? I’ve looked at screen resolution and it’s 1280×800 as usual.





Renee writes:

Hi Steve and Cody


I love your show and the other shows on PODNUTZ.


But it started with “Linux For The Rest Of Us” and it is my no. 1.

podcast show 🙂


I’m from Denmark, and your link to Amazon is to, but in

Denmark we would be forced to pay a Toll fee plus Danish VAT of 25% on

top, so it can be expensive to trade stuff on the internet outside

Denmark and Europe.


So if you can get a link to “” and a “” on the web-page, “so we on the other side of the pond” can

support Podnuz all that we can 🙂


I have two questions:

Do you know if there is another “File Manager” to XFCE, which has a

good search function for which standard has no search function ? (My

Linux Desktop is XFCE “Xubuntu”)


Steve have you trying to install Android on your Raspberry Pi, if Yes

, ran it OK ?


Rene Hald

Dalby, Denmark

Coordinates 55.313,12.0685


PS: I hope that my English makes sense 🙂


Ray Woods writes:

Message for Cody.

After hearing your plaudits for my email I thought I had better expand it a bit, see attached.

And as for Lucky Door, if you box blows up but you still have an up to date backup, well, I would call that LUCKY (by design).


Keep rocking!



(Two) SHOUTOUT(s) of the Week go to:

  1. Stefan Reist – Who sent us a few photos of his tricked out Acer Chromebook featuring Chrubuntu, the Openbox Desktop and the Terminator Terminal. Also on the cover of the Chromebook was a Hacker Public Radio sticker and Stefan has committed to recording an HPR episode about his experience. We will keep you posted on when that is posted.
  1. Tom Balazs – For making the trek all the way from Israel and meeting us at NELF

(The Accessible Computing Foundation)



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