Linux For The Rest Of Us #130 – Going Into The Basement

Direct MP3 Download: Linux For The Rest Of Us #130 – Going Into The Basement

A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the DoorToDoorGeek and Cody Cooper

Episode 130 Show Notes


Tech Site Builder 2 – For techs who need a website for their computer repair business but don’t know where to start


– Much more SEO friendly! Get picked up easier from the search engines.

– Completely customizable – change any text on the site to your liking!

– Modern looking graphics – keeps you up with the times!

– Improved structure and layout – makes customers more likely to take action and call you!

– Ability to add as many pages as you want to the site!

– Brand new Google Adwords tutorial – to reflect any changes made to the Adwords system

– Tutorial on setting up Google Places and Bing Business!

– Add a blog to your site to improve and expand your content!

– Just as easy to set up as the original!


– Steve was going to give a 20% discount but he just told me he raised it to a 40% discount


The link is (


Basic Basic – we all get by with a little help from



Instalinux – This is a simple, easy way to install Linux. You follow the steps in the System Designer to choose from a bunch of different distributions and versions of Linux, and to choose what software you want included. The final product will be a fairly small ISO image (30 MB or less) that you can burn to a CD and boot from. It will automatically build your system for you, pulling what it needs from the network mirror you selected, while you sit back and relax.






Ric Crouch writes:


So I finished my flight tonite and got into my car to drive home. I hopped onto Google+ to catch the tail end of the podcast. I came in JUST as you were finishing up talking about OwnCloud, and you said something that was like a light turning on…


I’ve heard for years about how great virtualization was for business. I always wondered WHY that would be, since you have to have more powerful hardware to do the same thing. But when you mentioned that you can build a server with ALL the associated parts (including stuff like database servers, web servers, etc) on a virtual machine and move it to any OTHER physical box and not have to reinstall from scratch….EUREKA! NOW I get it!

Thanks, man. As always, you guys rock!



Michael Bye writes:




Thanks for following up. I’m planning to stay on 10.04 as long as possible. I’d rather not reinstall all of my programs, settings, restricted extras, etc., etc. Not that this would be super difficult, just time consuming. I spend a lot of time working on other people’s computers, and I’d rather touch mine as little as possible. I’m also not crazy about the newer desktop environments like unity and gnome3. I’ve tried xfce but it’s a little too stripped down for me. I like what I have now, which I think is gnome2. I could probably set up a new version of linux with gnome2, but this would be just one more hassle. I realize I’m just putting off the inevitable, but that’s fine with me for now.

Thanks again



M.L. Lowery writes:


As a person transitioning from Windows to Linux I have gone through a number of Distros (Ubuntu, Bodhi, CrunchBang, Tails, Debian, etc.) and have found Mint has all the features I want/need from a distro along with great stability and pleasing aesthetics . I know you detest Mint and I’d (and I’m sure quite a few others) would like to know why. Along those lines, why don’t you like KDE and what features does Gnome 2/3 have that KDE lacks?


Also, do you know of a Web Converger distro/Virtual Machine which utilizes the TOR network? They have a download page <> but it doesn’t appear to include anything different from the regular ISO. I know the TOR project has stopped supporting the TOR toggle button that I think this relied upon, but am I missing something?

Lastly, you have probably gone over this but I found the website <> where you can create a custom distro much in the mode of the Debian Net install you suggested last week.

Thanks for doing the show and I look forward to tuning in tonight.






Ryan Ridenour writes:

Hey guys loving the show. Keep bringing it!

I want to ask about billing, invoicing, record keeping and other small/home office needs in linux. I’m wondering if you can suggest something for a small/home office. In my particular case I would like to have something that is accessible online from anywhere but don’t want a “cloud” solution that is hosted on a 3rd party due to security reasons. And I don’t want it on my own local network because I use several machines. Ie I have been known to go to the in-laws house and jump onto a laptop or their computer (windows *shudder*) and do some work on a clients site. Then I have run into times when I wanted to do an invoice and send it or record some billing hours for it without having to remind myself to put it in when I get back home.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

And may Podnutz live and grow forever.

Ps. Thanks for all the kind words on the past episode for me and Mad Monkey Hosting. It was extremely fun to finally be able to listen live and be in the chat room. It truly was an exciting and humbling experience. Especially talking with Martin. That man is a machine to be able to carry on an intelligent, engaging conversation and still do research at the same time! May Obando computing prosper as much as Podnutz!!






Jaxon Wright writes:


Hey Cody and Door,


I have been using pianobarfly for about a month now and I really like it. One issue I’m having is that it records in m4a instead of mp3. I really need mp3 so the songs will play on my car stereo. Is there any way to change the recording type to mp3? If not, is there a good way to convert these files all at once? Maybe a command line option… I’m trying to use the command line more and more.


Thanks for a great show!







Good stuff! Thanks.


Can you post the link where the patching info can be found? Seems like this program needs updated a lot.


Also for those of you that would like mp3 (not m4a) files created, you will need to create a config file. See below.


mkdir -p ~/.config/pianobar


audio_format = mp3



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