Linux For The Rest Of Us #131 – Top Of The Morning To You Mr O'Brian

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the DoorToDoorGeek and Cody Cooper

Episode 131 Show Notes


Techsite Builder 2 Promo


Tech Site Builder 2 – For techs who need a website for their computer repair business but don’t know where to start


– Much more SEO friendly! Get picked up easier from the search engines.

– Completely customizable – change any text on the site to your liking!

– Modern looking graphics – keeps you up with the times!

– Improved structure and layout – makes customers more likely to take action and call you!

– Ability to add as many pages as you want to the site!

– Brand new Google Adwords tutorial – to reflect any changes made to the Adwords system

– Tutorial on setting up Google Places and Bing Business!

– Add a blog to your site to improve and expand your content!

– Just as easy to set up as the original!


– Steve was going to give a 20% discount but he just told me he raised it to a 40% discount


The link is (


Basic Basic – None, my bad

WATCH : Microsoft Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920 advert makes fun of Samsung and Apple



Penguicon 2013 – Penguicon is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit convention which brings together people of disparate interests – makers, foodies, costumers, software developers, musicians, gamers, and just about anything else you can think of for a weekend of sharing one another’s interests and enthusiasts in panels, workshops, demonstrations, and over some drinks in the Consuite.



Linux Home Server Guide – The Grand Plan – A step-by-step guide through the process of building your own home server based on Ubuntu Linux.



The Kingdom of Bhutan’s first Pi: a Khan Academy server – Pis are gradually finding their way to all kinds of far-away places, and I saw some tweets a week or so ago from ThimpuTech, who had got their hands on the Kingdom of Bhutan’s first Raspberry Pi. And now, we’ve found out what’s being done with it – it’s been made into a server for Khan Academy Lite, serving up educational content to a local school.



NVIDIA Linux Driver Vulnerability Exploits Root Privileges! – According to NVIDIA there is a major vulnerability in their UNIX/Linux driver that every Linux user should be aware of. Especially now, that most of us play Steam games using proprietary drivers, this is quite dangerous and you should pay attention.



Intel Release Graphical Installer for Their Linux Drivers – The Intel Linux Graphics Installer provides a friendly way for downloading the latest Intel Linux graphics software stack.



Protect your network with Snort – Whether meaning to be mischievous or malicious, hackers can wreak havoc on your network. Fortunately, Snort makes it easy to spot them and set up protection.



Sourcetrunk (Episode 090) : Tripwire – This episode will introduce you to Tripwire, a security and data integrity tool that let’s you know if someone (or something) is altering your server files.



Sourcetrunk – Sourcetrunk your trunkload of open source.



Apache OpenMeetings hits first Open Source Top Level Project Release – This week the Apache OpenMeetings project released version 2.1 of its open source web conferencing platform. The OpenMeetings 2.1 release is the first release of the project since it graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a top level project, in December of 2012.



How to write CentOS initialization scripts with Upstart – On Linux systems, initialization (init) scripts manage the state of system services during system startup and shutdown. When the system goes through its runlevels, the System V init system starts and stops services as configured. While this tried-and-true technology has been around since the dawn of Unix, you can now create modern and efficient CentOS 6 init scripts by using Upstart, an event-based replacement for System V init.



How to measure the speed of SATA devices from the command line on Linux – It’s really easy with Linux terminal to find the speed that you are really using on your devices.



How to Record your Terminal session in Linux? – Some times its require to record your terminal sessions for future use or some sort of educational purpose. Recording terminal session can be achieved by installing script command(Most of the distributions install this application by default).





Proof the Force is with Open Source: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are now GPLv2 – The prime dev studio behind Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast has open sourced the source code behind those two projects under the open source GPLv2 license.



L.G.C. |How-To| — Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Native) – Time for another L.G.C. quick and dirty how-to. This time we install the native port of Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.



Left4Dead2 – Users of Valve’s Steam for Linux client will be getting access to the beta version of Left 4 Dead 2 later this week. The L4D2 beta will come with the new Enhanced Mutation System (EMS), which adds advanced scripting options to the multiplayer zombie survival game.



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