Linux For The Rest Of Us #143 – Lots Of Email And Pipelight

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With the DoorToDoorGeek aka Steve McLaughlin and Cody Cooper

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Barend Labushagne writes:


I have a question. I have smart hdd tools installed on my ubuntu server and its showing read errors in webmin. Smart hdd tools is that only normal read ecc error or not? Finally, is there any good server monitor software that can email me if the server goes down? Thanks for all the good work and help. I love your show and listen to it 8 hours a day every day. Keep up the good work.


Barend Labuschagne



Bernard Heyer writes:


Hi there,


I am a big fan, over the last three months I have been burning through your podcasts during my commute in to my office and back each day, they are great! I should be up to date by tomorrow, just finished episode 136 and thought I should add something useful finally!


You had a question around sharepoint (aarg!). There are two projects I would look at as options, firstly Alfresco and secondly Kablink Vibe. Alfresco is great for document management and is very popular, but in terms of collaboration and workflow not amazing.


Kablink Vibe ( in its various iterations is awesome in my books, it has excellent collaboration features and very easy workflow you can incorporate. For Linux Noobs like myself you can also just download a VMWare appliance from Sourceforge and you are good to go. It has been around a long time and is supported by Novell. If you want to get fancy there are really cool options for SIP Asterisk, IM and other types of integration.


I myself run Win 8 (the pain) as I need to do Macros in Excel, but then dual boot in to Linux Mint on my production laptop and Home Desktop Opensuse (big fan of theirs) is the primary for my second laptop. Mint is just easy for the others in the house to use, so it keeps my life easy with that familiar Cinnamon interface.


I will try to send some more stuff to you guys when I get time, but I live in wine country near Cape Town South Africa and a great thing that is happening here is a surge in micro brewing which may reduce time spent on getting cool stuff to you.


Keep up the good work!



Links for Kablink:





Travis writes:


Hello Steve and Cody,


I am in the process of switching my cloud storage services over to BitTorrent Sync. I’m still in the testing phase but so far have started syncing my “Downloads” directory between all of my boxes and have started backing up all my ROMing related data from my Android to my PC.


I am having a bit of trouble getting BitTorrent Sync to start at boot on my Pi. After copying a script from a tutorial online to init.d and running update-rc.d, I get an insserv error saying that there is a loop between btsync and minidlna.


I have bookmarked a number of possible fixes and feel fairly confident that I can get the problem resolved but I was wondering if you guys could talk a little bit about the process of creating scripts in the init.d directory and some common problems that can occur. I have had a few similar problems in the past and have always been able to solve them but I don’t have much understanding exactly what is going on.


By the way, I have definitely missed a few Linux For The Rest Of Us episodes so please forgive me if this has already been discussed.


I appreciate the help and absolutely love the show and the Podnutz network in general!


Thanks again,

Travis Myers (sudocoffee)



Jeff Owens writes:


Hey Door, two items


Can you mention on Linux for the Rest of us, how to create a symlink? I also have to look it up as I was just asked this and have only did it once.


Second, is there any program like Sydi that runs in Linux? I am looking for that hardware inventory. I thought that there was a way to pipe it into a text file via command line, but tribbles must be munching my brain cells.



Jeff Owens aka Blackhammer


The difference between hard and soft links – (


ln -s /path/to/file /path/to/symlink



Derek Theophile writes:


Hello Steve and Cody.


Please can you help me with a little problem I’m having with the filesystem.


I blow away my windows partition, which I hardly used anyway and have gone Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon all the way on my laptop. I have a 10gb root partition ext4, a 284gb home partition ext4, and a 4gb swap partition, there is also a 284 extended partition. I have attached a screenshot of Gparted if that helps. (I don’t really know why the extended partition is there to be honest)


I have this setup on both my laptop and desktop the only difference is my desktop has a 8gb swap. the problem I am having is when I boot up a window pops up in the top right hand corner saying: (The volume file system root has only 24.1mb disk space remaining) I also attach a screenshot of my filesystem.


I can’t see why my filesystem is full I don’t save anything to my root its all saved on my home partition and now I am unable to same files because the message pops up telling my I’m out of space.


Can you help? what am I doing or have done wrong? the same thing happens on both my machines and I can’t work out why,I which is why I am turning to you guys.


Thanks for your help and I look forwards to hearing from you.


Kind regards

Derek Theophile



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