Linux For The Rest Of Us #162 – and Gigolo

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Episode 162 Show Notes

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I just put together a Linux box and decided to give XFCE a spin. While I was looking through the available programs, I found one called Gigolo. I didn’t know what it was, so I went to its web site ( to look it up. It’s used to mount remote file systems. OK, fine… but in the program description it says:


=======================================About the name GigoloYou may ask why it is called Gigolo, a strange name for an application. But actually it fits pretty well for what it does:It mounts what it is told to.


I almost spit out my coffee….


Open source tools: Five outstanding audio editors – Whether you’re producing podcasts or creating highly sophisticated sound recordings, one of these open source apps will suit your needs.


LiveCode – Create apps for multiple platforms – LiveCode is a flexible software platform that allows you to create any solution, the only limit is your imagination.


30 Big Companies and Devices Running on GNU/Linux – Linux is a most popular Operating System compared to Windows and Mac. Linux is everywhere even at those places where most of us have not even thought. Tiny machines to Gaint Supercomputers are powered by Linux. Linux no more remains a Geeky thing.


Intel Is Working On A Linux Networking Stack For Small Systems – For supporting Linux networking on very small embedded systems like the Intel Quark, developers at Intel are working on a lightweight networking stack to fit on such systems.


Intel NUC Kit DCCP847DYE Intel QS77 2 x 204Pin Celeron 847 1.1GHz – Incorporating performance, function and power efficiency into a petite, stylish enclosure, the Intel BOXDCCP847DYE Next Unit of Computing (NUC) redefines your impression on what the small can do.


Microsoft report: Downloaded malware exploded in late 2013 – Better security in software has forced attackers to rely more on deceptive practices, tricking people rather than software, according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report.


HP to invest $1bn in open-source cloud computing, launches Helion portfolio – Hewlett-Packard plans to invest over $1 billion in developing cloud products and services.


HP Helion Now cloud runs through your business – With its expansive portfolio of private, public, and hybrid cloud consisting of market-leading hardware, software, and services, only HP Helion brings it all together for you. All the benefits and agility of cloud computing.


Make Your Linux Machine a Virtual Router (Looks like Ubuntu only) – Not only do we get a free, open and customizable system, but we can also use our computer as a virtual router.


Blue Pup Distro: Pride of the Puppy Linux Litter – It had to happen sooner or later. It turned out to be sooner. It is here. The Blue Pup Linux distro brings the Metro view to the Linux desktop.


Blue Pup V4 (Final)-Released 9th May 2014 – This is the final release of Blue. It’s main new feature is that it is suitable for any type of BIOS so eliminating the need for a separate version (V3) to deal with awkward ones.


( – The Accessible Computing Foundation

Help Seeding “Sonar” Torrents – (


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