Linux For The Rest Of Us #166 – Hugh from

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With the DoorToDoorGeek aka Steve McLaughlin and Cody Cooper

Episode 166 Show Notes


Free coupons


LastPass Giveaway – 1 year free


Hugh from Distroshare – Distroshare was created to allow anyone to share an open source operating system distribution. Distributions can be established projects or small modifications that others would find useful.



Reflections on Trusting Trust Ken Thompson



Free Software Wireless-N Broadband Router for GNU / Linux (TPE-NWIFIROUTER) –
Introducing the first and only commercially available 100% free software wireless router with respect your freedom certification.



Canonical Publishes Instructions For Making Unicorn Origami – Canonical was present at dConstruct, a gathering where creative people every year discuss different topics regarding digital innovations and culture. They sponsored the conference this year and also presented instructions on how to build a unicorn origami which is the codename for the upcoming release of Ubuntu 14.10.



Unicorn – (


GrabMyBooks – (

From Matthew Williams “Lord Drachenblut”



MotionPie: Turn your Raspberry Pi into a security camera #piday #Raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi – Average Man vs. Raspberry Pi has a new tutorial up for turning your Raspberry Pi into a CCTV security system.

( – The Accessible Computing Foundation

Help Seeding “Sonar” Torrents – (

Computers For Sonar – (





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