Linux For The Rest Of Us #209 – Feedback And Freebies

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209 – Linux For The Rest Of Us


Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX:



From Greg

Subject: DOD must embrace open source

Message Body:


Hi guys.ᅠ I was listening to the most recent show and thought I’d chime into the discussion about the DOD embracing open source.ᅠ I’ve worked with one of the large 3 letter agencies for 30+ years both as an employee and as a contractor.ᅠ I can say that I’ve seen that agency start doing this 15 years or so ago.ᅠ The vast majority of the servers in use are running Linux of some sort.ᅠ The systems I support either have Red Hat or CentOS.ᅠ I know of other folks who make use of Suse.


For development of software, the .gov does have developers as employees, but there’s also tons of contractors writing code.ᅠ There’s contracts that specify that certain open source products must be used.ᅠ That sort of thing.


The .gov is also releasing their own stuff out to the open source community.ᅠ I think we’ve all heard of and complained about SELinux.ᅠ That was an NSA created product.


Keep the great shows coming.


Subject: DaVinci Resolve Cinima video editor


Message Body:

Please take a look at DaVinci resolve for Linux.  Video editor by black magic.


Still rocking Linux, like Solos, Sabayon, Elementary, KaoOS.  Bungie and KDE.  Have Sony laptop that was designed to not run Linux, finally got one distribution to run on it.  Tried 12 different ones, what a pain.


Thanks for shows!


Subject: You guys are amazing


Message Body:

I’ve been wanting to write and thank you recently, but I always think about it while listening in the car. So, now that I thought of it while sitting in front of my computer:


Your show is, by far, the best technology show I’ve ever listened to before. To put that in a bit of perspective – I listen to, literally, between 1,000 and 2,000+ hours of content every year. (I have been self employed for a long time and love to keep my mind engaged if work allows)


I mentioned listening to you in the car earlier, but I do have a problem with that. This is the first time I’ve <strong>ever</strong> listened to a podcast that had me trying to set voice reminders over and over to follow up on something you’ve mentioned.


I have been working in and around technology for many years and have, over the last few years, really gotten the Linux bug. I am devouring everything I can get my hands on (classes, podcasts, books, home lab, etc…) so as to try to move into the linux admin field. Your podcast always gives me so much to add to my proverbial tool-kit (though it is quite satisfying to be thoroughly familiar with some topic you might bring up – those are not as common).


You guys rock. (Since I just started listening I backed up to start with episodes from a year ago – eventually, I’ll get to all the previous years as well)


Thank you,




Subject: 0% free on boot = no updates


Message Body:

Linux has been an increasing percentage of my computing life for the past five years.  So far it has always been flavors of Ubuntu.  But one problem has bitten me four times now.  After about six to nine months of use I can’t get updates, install or uninstall anything.  In the past I have said, “Oh well, I want to upgrade to the next Ubuntu or try that other distro anyway.”  I backup documents, do a fresh install and live happily for another six months.


It happened again last week, and this time I made the effort to dig into why.  The boot partition is completely filled with, uh old kernals, I think.  Please enlighten me further on what is in there.  I tried fiddling with “apt clean” and “apt autoremove” and “dpkg”  But it looked like the last update failed due to insufficient space, and apt and dpkg wanted to fix that install before doing anything else but couldn’t due to no disk.  I booted into a live USB and tried to use KParted. (KDE is my current fav)  KParted would let me shrink the main partition, but not move it.  Therefore there was no additional space for boot.  Some Google searches suggested I could just delete old kernals, but experience tells me that kind of digital roulette is never a good idea.  I ended up doing a fresh install, and everything is fine now.  Sorry I didn’t capture any of the output so you could help me better.


I’m the kind of Linux user who installs updates from the package manager whenever suggested, and I think the OS should handle everything else after that.  Does this happen to me because I’m too willing to add PPAs?  I don’t think I add very many, but honestly I don’t even keep track.  Are these old kernals in there because Steam adds them for compatibility?  Is there some care and feeding that I should be doing?


And the most importantly, this keeps me from recommending linux to anyone who does not “like to mess with computers.”

The more important


sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove


Hey Door,


I just listened to LFTROU 208 and DDG #8!


I’m sorry to hear about the car accident, but I am very glad to hear you are okay!


LFTROU is how I became a fan of Podnutz!  The last episode has inspired me to start thinking of tackling the last couple of hurdles preventing me from going to Linux full time.  I have a lot of similar approaches to what Cody mentioned in the last show.  Most of my hurdles relate to very specific audio production needs for live music, and video editing.  But it is something I’ve been thinking about trying for over a year now.  Thanks for the inspiration!  It may lead to experimenting on my part, which I haven’t done in awhile.


DDG #8 was fantastic.  Very down to Earth.  I’ve never really liked the Patreon Model, or ads in podcasts.  I was glad to hear you saying similar things.   All I can say, is I hope Podnutz gets to where you want it to be when you retire!  Onward and upward!  I always hope in some little way, my lame podcast helps your network out in any way possible!


No need to use these comments in shows, I just wanted to pass on that they were great!






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