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Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX:


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From: Paul


Hello Door,


I just received my USB sound card from think penguin. I’m going to call their tech support tomorrow and thought I would ask you a couple questions before contacting them.


In audacity, I’ve selected the Think Penguin sound card for both recording and playback but it still wont record online audio YouTube etc.


On their support page it says try de selecting sound card from the BIOS. In my BIOS I don’t see a place where I can do this.


I’m using Debian 8.7 on  a Dell Inspiron laptop.


If YouTube is playing on the computer and you want to record the YouTube audio in audacity on that very same computer I follow these steps


Install pavucontrol with

sudo apt install pavucontrol


Launch the browser, go-to YouTube page


Launch audacity hit record (yep hit record now)


Launch pavucontrol


Go-to the recording tab on the top of pavucontrol


You should see audacity listed as a active recording device, on the right side there should be a drop down list, activate the list and the input source you’re looking for should have the word “monitoring” in it, if you see two of them that you might have to use trial and error


Go-to YouTube and start to play the video


Go back to pavucontrol and you should see a horizontal bounce meter showing the sound activity


Finally go back to audacity and you should see the wave form being recorded from YouTube


When the video is done go ahead and click stop in audacity and then hit play and you should here the resulting recording


99.999% of all audio issues I have can either be completely resolved or heavily assisted by using pavucontrol


If you need me to I can do a quick video showing you an example of how I do it, the difference will be in the name of your sound card versus the name of my sound card in pavucontrol


2017-04-24T16:51:10Z \/Listen: Ogg 11×7 \/ Speex 11×7

Klaatu talks about why computer users panic when they have to deal with audio, and how Linux users can solve this for themselves and others by understanding and using Pulse Audio.

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From: Jack

Subject: Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX


Message Body:

Hi guys,


I listened to your podcast for the very first time today was very imoressed. I am aleays amazed how oeople can tmfind the tinento do such great things. During the episode you mentioned the ‘Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX’ book and suggested it might be possible to get a free copy. You also mentioned that the content would be suitable for anyone from 11 upwards and this made me think that it could be a perfect way to help me teach my younger siblings about Linux. I would very much appreciate a free copy if you have any left to give. No worries if not. Thanks again for doing the show.


Jack (from Ireland)


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