Linux For The Rest Of Us #211 – Google Invest In Neverware And Solus Love

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211 – Linux For The Rest Of Us



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Google invests in Neverware, a startup that’s turning dead PCs into Chromebooks

Neverware, a New York City-based startup with a software platform that converts legacy computers into Chromebooks, announced today that it has raised a new round of investment led by Google. It won’t say the exact amount, but it will likely be more than the $6.

Download New Storyboarding Software That’s Free & Open Source

Quick tip: The new software package, Storyboarder, makes it “easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures.” You can create a story idea without actually making a full-blown movie and see how it looks. Storyboarder is free. It’s open source.

Using eopkg

NOTE: Do not try to use “pisi” in Solus. It has been removed. eopkg is an incompatible fork of pisi with many advanced features. Only the “eopkg” command is supported  ALSO NOTE: PLEASE do not post instructions for mutilating Solus installations with extracted (INCOMPATIBLE) DEB or RPM files.


Fork of the PiSi Package Manager, originally from Pardus Linux, and adapted/maintained during the lifetime of SolusOS, EvolveOS and Solus.  Please note that we plan to replace eopkg with sol.

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Solus commands from email/Tom

Upgrade installed packages

sudo eopkg up

Add a new repository (custom repos or cloned base repo)

sudo eopkg ar NAME

Remove an existing repository (please only do this if you need to)

sudo eopkg rr NAME

Install a new package

sudo eopkg it pkgnamegoeshere

Remove an installed package

sudo eopkg rm pkgnamegoeshere

Build a package from pspsec file

sudo eopkg build

Search for a package

sudo eopkg sr searchtexthere

List available packages

sudo eopkg la

Rebuild database


sudo eopkg rebuild-db


Update repository


sudo eopkg ur


Kill eopkg


sudo su eopkg up -y && shutdown now


Add Microsoft Core fonts


sudo eopkg bi –ignore-safety




sudo eopkg it mscorefonts*.eopkg;sudo rm mscorefonts*.eopkg


Update snap packages


sudo snap refresh


update the entries in Budgie Menu


sudo update-desktop-database


full budgie settings reset


nohup budgie-panel –reset –replace&  


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