MiniPC Show #46 – Pining For A Dream Device and Thin Hardware

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About the Pinebook – What to expect
Now that we have a Pinebook forum, I figured I’ll post here and share some information with the community and use this as an opportunity to set the expectations about the device straight. A few days ago tllim received the finalised PCBs and the protective cases which the Pinebook will ship in.
Pinebook Linux laptop is ready to ship for $89 and up (plus shipping)
The Pinebook is a cheap, low-power laptop with an ARM-based processor. First unveiled in November, the Pinebook comes from the makers of the Pine A64 single-board computer and it uses the same processor as that tiny desktop.  Now the company is getting ready to begin shipping laptops to customers.
Dell Wyse 3040 Low Power Thin Client Mini PC Unveiled
Dell has announced a new addition to its range of mini PCs with the unveiling of the smallest, lightest and most powerful entry-level Wyse 3040 Thin Client mini PC, which has been specifically designed to provide performance and manageability for “task and basic productivity users”.
Mac OS 7 Running On Raspberry Pi Mini PC (video)
Raspberry Pi enthusiasts that are interested in running an older Apple Mac OS 7 operating system on the mini PC are sure to enjoy this tutorial from Novaspirit Tech which has been published to YouTube.
ECS Live Station Windows 10 Mini PC Unveiled With Qi Wireless Charging Pad
A new Windows 10 mini PC has been unveiled in Japan this week in the form of the new ECS Live Station which is now available to pre-order priced at ¥ 37,778 or $335 and comes fully equipped with a Qi wireless charging station which is positioned on top of the minicomputer.
POCO® Zero black credit card sized micro computer
ORDER now for £99. Estimated delivery Q3 2017.  Two part construction, self build kit is easy to assemble with minimal soldering required. POCO® is crammed to the max with high technology that can be shoe horned inside its compact body.
Orange Pi 2G-IoT Cellular Mini PC Unveiled For $10
Makers, developers and hobbyists that are looking for a small single board mini PC which is equipped with a cellular modem offering mobile data connections may be interested in the newly unveiled Orange Pi 2G-IoT which is priced at just $10.
How To Make Your Own Tiny “PC In A Mouse” That Runs Linux
Short Bytes: Slider2732, a YouTuber, has created his own version of a “PC In A Mouse.” Using an Orange Pi Zero and an old optical mouse, he created a tiny PC that runs Linux. He has also shared the video of his DIY, using which you can also create one for yourself.
This tiny mint box is actually a gaming console packing a Raspberry Pi
Watch out, Nintendo: Raspberry Pi enthusiasts are building their own gaming consoles and this latest one is actually pretty awesome.
New Photos of the $89 Pinebook Linux Laptop Surface Online
The $89 Pinebook ARM laptop was supposed to go on sale in February.  Sadly, the month came and went without so much as a peep from Pine64, the company behind the Pinebook.
No limits with your ARM
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