MiniPC Show #12 – A 10$ Echo and Pi-Top Gripe

Direct MP3 Download: MiniPC Show #12 – A 10$ Echo and Pi-Top Gripe

Hosted by:

Steve McLaughlin – DoorToDoorGeek

Eric Arduini


Bringing all of your home videos, music, and photos together into one place has never been easier. Your personal Emby Server automatically converts and streams your media on-the-fly to play on any device.  Emby Connect makes it easy to enjoy your personal media while away from home.

Plex vs Emby: A Comprehensive Comparison
If you’re like me, you’ve spent a considerable amount time thinking about and weighing the different considerations of Plex vs Emby (formerly Media Browser) when deciding which to use for your HTPC experience.

Flirc Case
Another Perfect Media Center Companion This is the first affordable Raspberry Pi case made out of aluminum. We wanted to ensure we didn’t sacrifice form over function, so we used the aluminum housing of the case to provide a built in heat sink.

Bartop Arcade
I’ve been wanting to build a MAME cabinet ever since high school. Year after year, I’ve noticed the cost of building one going down – especially with the release of the Raspberry Pi.

Change the game with the Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK
Go Small. Get Big. Intel has changed the game in the Mini PC category. With a wicked new look and redesigned chassis, the Intel® NUC unleashes maximum performance for PC gaming, content creation, and workstations. Change the game with the Intel NUC.

Intel Targets Gamers With New NUC Mini-PC
At the Game Developers Conference, the ‘Skull Canyon’ NUC system comes with a fast Intel Core i7 processor and Iris Pro graphics.

Intel’s first ‘Skull Canyon’ NUC has Core i7 power
If you’re considering an Xbox One or PS4 for gaming and entertainment, Intel has another proposition for you: The first Skull Canyon NUC (next unit of computing) mini-PC. The NUC6i7KYK (yup) fits a sixth-gen Skylake Core i7 CPU, Thunderbolt 3, DDR4 RAM support and dual M.

HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini review
Although the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini might look very similar to the HP Z240 SFF Workstation, this PC is an order of magnitude smaller.

The $10 Echo
For the 3rd instillment of my “Putting Alexa on all the Things” series I’ve got Alexa up and running on a CHIP.

novaspirit/AlexaPi  forked from sammachin/AlexaPi
AlexaPiSam Machin This is the code needed to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a client for Amazon’s Alexa service, I have developed this against the Pi 2 but I see no reason it shouldn’t run on the other models. Feedback welcome. Requirements You will need: A Raspberry Pi  An External Speaker with 3.

Kodi | Open Source Home Theatre Software
Only three weeks ago we announced 15.2 which is the last release of the Kodi version 15 range and now we’re announcing the first beta of version 16. What does this means for users? That after four months of alpha versions we have changed to the beta stage and working towards a final Kodi 16 …

EinCar Android Car Stereos
See larger image  Christmas Sale!!! avi EinCar Android 4.2 In PC Dash GPS Navigation Double 2 Din LCD 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Sliding Monitor Down In Dash Car DVD Automotive Player Auto Radio Stereo Bl (Electronics) See larger image  Christmas Sale!!! Subwoofer EinCar Android 4.

LeMaker HiKey 2GB
Expected to start shipping 29-Mar-2016. Please note that orders containing this item will be held until all items are ready to ship.  LeMaker HiKey is a high-performance SBC which is designed by the LeMaker Team.

Critter Twitter Trap Traps Critters, Pings Twitter
Got aliens in your attic? Squirrels in the skirting board? You need a trap, and [John Mangan] has come up with an interesting way to let you know that you have caught that pesky varmint: the IoT Critter Twitter Trap.

7-Port USB Hub For Raspberry Pi
UUGear have just released a new 7-port USB hub add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. It is an updated version of the device they released in 2014. It has the same footprint as the Pi and can be attached to all Raspberry Pi versions which currently includes Models A, B, A+, B+, 2B, 3B and Zero.

Electric Imp
imp001 dev kit

Raspberry Pi Laptop Pi Top Kit Soon Arriving At Adafruit For $275
If you have been considering purchasing the new Pi Top Raspberry Pi laptop kit that transforms your Pi mini PC into a fully fledge laptop, you might be interested to know that the kit will soon be available priced at $275 from Adafruit.


Battery Backup For The Raspberry Pi
You can go to any dollar store, gas station, big box store, or your favorite Internet retailer and get a USB power bank. It’s a lithium battery mashed into a plastic enclosure with a USB port, probably poorly engineered, but it does serve as a great power supply for the Raspberry Pi.

MoPi: Mobile Pi Power
MoPi is mobile and 24/7 power for the Pi. On your bike, up a tree, or for your home server: we’ve got you covered.  And it even fits in the Pibow!

Hot-swap Mobile Power for the Raspberry Pi Without Stopping Work!
MoPi is a little anon circuit board that plugs on top of the Raspberry Pi board and allows you to plug in all sorts of power supplies such as a standard rechargeable AA battery pack, solar panels or a chunky power brick supply. You can even plug two different power supplies at once.