MiniPC Show #18 – It’s The Pine64 Giveaway!!!

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Steve McLaughlin – DoorToDoorGeek

Eric Arduini


RTK.GPIO, a USB Raspberry Pi Compatible GPIO Header
2) Use it as an extra GPIO Header – for if you’ve run out of pins on the Raspberry Pi, or want to use two add-on board together. You will gain an extra Raspberry Pi header that is pin-for-pin compatible.

raspberry pi accessories
The Media Stick Cable is designed to give instant storage to your Media Stick for Raspberry Pi.* Play content directly from an external USB hard drive and give your Media Stick for Raspberry Pi a boost.

PC Engines home
PC Engines offers small, low power servers for your network security, wireless networking, or embedded applications.

Basic Soldering Lesson 1 – “Solder & Flux”
Basic Soldering for Electronics Lesson 1 – “Solder and Flux” produced by PACE, Inc.Visit has produced a variety of instructional materials used in conjunction with our own training courses. These materials range from student guides to instructor guides to videos to CD RO

EEVblog #180 – Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools
PART 2:…PART 3:…Dave takes you through everything you need to know to do good quality soldering.Part 1 is all about the tools you might need.A lot of this was already covered in my general lab tools video.

60/40 versus unleaded solder
If you don’t use the right solder when doing electrical or electronic work on your RC models or drones then you’re unlikely to get satisfactory results.  In this video I discuss why lead-based solder is generally preferred over lead-free solder and I also talk about the important factors associated

What Kind of Ethernet (Cat-5/e/6/a) Cable Should I Use?
Not all Ethernet cable is created equally. What’s the difference, and how do you know which you should use? Let’s look at the technical and physical differences in Ethernet cable categories to help us decide.

Build a Pair of Helping Hands

Soldering is easy
Soldering is easy

Wall-mounted Raspberry Pi games console for kids
YouTuber buildxyz is happy for his kids to play video games, but he’s keen for them to have a properly decent selection, and he wanted something that would look a little better in his living room than your average games console.

Q4OS Linux Devs Bring the Trinity Desktop Experience to Raspberry Pi 3 SBCs
Softpedia has been informed by the Q4OS project about the availability of the Q4OS GNU/Linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computer.

Raspberry Pi DOSBox: Play Classic DOS Games on the Pi
In this tutorial I go the through the steps of setting up Raspberry Pi DOSBox. This is a pretty easy process that will let you play the hundreds of great old DOS games that have been released as shareware, demos and of course freeware.