MiniPC Show #33 – Both of’em got Google Home’s and Ukrainian Rocket Launcher

Direct MP3 Download: MiniPC Show #33 – Both of’em got Google Home’s and Ukrainian Rocket Launcher

Hosted by:

Steve McLaughlin – DoorToDoorGeek

Eric Arduini


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New Ukrainian Rocket Launcher Appears to Use Raspberry Pi
The weapon was reportedly sighted at last month’s Bezpeka Security Trade Show, which showed off the latest in Ukrainian surveillance, intelligence, and military technologies.
Pre-Order C.H.I.P. $9! C.H.I.P. does Computer Things! Built for WORK, PLAY, and EVERYTHING in between! \(•◡•)/ C.H.I.P. does serious work Use C.H.I.P. with Gnumeric to create spreadsheets or AbiWord to word process. It’s all there.
HP Unveils Industry’s First-ever Mini Workstation
With this new offering, HP is positioned to extend its workstation leadership by delivering a new category of workstation that offers superb performance, elegance and efficiency.  HP Z Workstation products have become the industry standard for customers demanding a full performance workstation.
MSI launches powerful small form factor PC for VR gaming
MSI has revealed a new small form factor gaming PC called the Trident, aimed at gamers who want to enter the world of virtual reality without building a massive desktop system.
Barnes & Noble launches $50 NOOK Tablet 7″
Barnes & Noble is launching its first new tablet in four years. The new NOOK Tablet 7″ is available for pre-order for $50 and should begin shipping on November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.