MiniPC Show #49 – AssistantPi, Asus Tinker Board And So Mich More

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VolksPC OS Runs Android and Debian Simultaneously on ODROID-C2 Board
Most development boards and some TV boxes offer a dual boot image with
Android and a Linux distribution.
DVR Service
We looked at the current media-PC way to record TV. It requires a fair
bit of technical know how, high powered media PCs that need to stay
on, and often pages of complicated setup.  Enter the HDHomeRun DVR
Fingbox – Network Security & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
Marvell ESPRESSOBin Board
IOT Gateway-Use the ESPRESSObin as an IOT gateway connecting LORA,
BLE, Zigbee, Zwave , and other protocols through its variety of
interfaces.  Besides support for the Mainline Linux & Uboot, we
support Ubuntu of Canonical and plan to support the following
Google turns Raspberry Pi into a dirt cheap Home competitor
If you’ve ever wanted to have a conversation with your own tiny
home-made computer, then your prayers have just been answered.
Raspberry Pi has teamed up with Google, bringing voice integration to
the Pi with a clever combination of hardware and software.
AssistantPi is basically a tweak of AlexaPi, allowing you to run
Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa on a Raspberry Pi.  I’ve
piggy-backed AlexaPi’s Installer to easily get the Google Assistant
SDK ready on your device and utilized it’s Hotword recognition to tap
into Google’s sample CLI interface.
Mele PCG03 Quad Core Mini PC Now Available For $159
The latest mini PC system from manufacturer Mele is now available to
purchase priced at $159, offering users an Intel Celeron N3450
quad-core processor which is supported by 4GB of RAM together with
32GB of eMMC storage.
Shuttle Android Mini PCs Unveiled For Less Than $150
Shuttle has launched two new android mini PCs which are both equipped
with Rockchip processors and are available with prices starting at
under $150.
Asus Tinker Board mini PC now available in US for $60
After launching in the UK and Europe earlier this year, the Asus
Tinker Board is now available in the United States.
Netgate RCC-DFF 2220 Board
Available 30 July 2015.  The RCC-DFF 2220 is a highly cost-optimized
design serving virtualized network edge applications including small
cell, wireless, virtual CPE, and security.