MiniPC Show #51 – How To Create Bootable Media and FreedomBox

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FreedomBox –
FreedomBox is your personal server. It couples free software with
always-on, inexpensive and power-efficient hardware. Plug it into your
home network, set it up and it will start hosting your address-book,
calendar or blog right from your living room.
Burn. Better.
Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy.  Extract, and run!
Sandisk Ultra – Flash Memory Card – 32 GB – MicroSDHC UHS-I
“Extensive capacity to capture, carry and keep it all
Fast transfer speeds
Featuring Class 10 for full HD video
Waterproof, x-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof ”
Orange Pi 2G-IOT
It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4,
Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi image. It uses the RDA8810 Soc, and has
The snappy web interface for your 3D printer.
Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.
AndroidiOSChromeFirefoxSafariOperaWindows Android only Send text
messages Typing on a keyboard is so much faster than typing on a
phone. Easily send and receive texts on your computer.
ARM’s new processors are designed to power the machine-learning machines
On the eve of Computex, Taiwan’s big showpiece event where PC makers
roll out the latest and best implementations of Intel CPUs, mobile
rival ARM is announcing its own big news with the unveiling of a new
generation of ARM CPUs and GPUs.
ODROID-XU4 [0007A]
Big power in a small package! The ODROID-XU4 packs an octa-core
Heterogeneous Multi-Processing ARM CPU, 2GB of high-speed RAM, 2x
full-sized USB3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and more into one great
XU3/XU4 eMMC Bootloader Recovery
Set the switch (SW1) to boot with MicroSD on the board Insert the
Micro SD flashed with booting image into its slot and power on. You
must stop at U-boot once the board is started. Invoke the commands
below to copy the boot loader image from Micro SD to eMMC.
Intel Compute Card specs leaked (Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake models)
Intel’s Compute Cards are basically tiny PCs stuffed into a case
that’s not much larger than a credit card.
Intel’s Compute Card, a credit card-sized PC, will ship in August
Intel unveiled its Compute Card, a credit card-sized device that’s
basically an entire PC, at CES this year. At Computex this week, the
company officially launched the card with a full list of partners and
what we can expect to see from them product-wise.