MiniPC Show #54 – Pinebook Follow Up and Good Content From Seth

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New OctoPi Release: 0.14.0
Guy Sheffer just released OctoPi 0.14 – big thanks to him and also to
everyone who helped test the three Release Candidates that went into
this and reported back!  You can download OctoPi 0.14.0 from the usual
How does the PocketCHIP compare to the Raspberry Pi?
When the Raspberry Pi hit the tech scene, it made a huge impact. It
wasn’t the first tiny computer, by any means—the Chumby, the PogoPlug,
and other hackable systems on chips preceded it—but there hadn’t been
anything quite so intentionally open and affordable as the Pi.
NanoPi Neo Plus2 is a $25 PC that’s half the size of a Raspberry Pi
The folks at FriendlyARM produce a range of single-board computers
including a model that basically looks like a Raspberry Pi (but which
packs more power), and a few smaller models that are less than half
the size, but which are still basically full-fledged computers that
could be used for Internet
Microsoft Releases Raspberry Pi 3 Web Simulator Working with Azure IoT Cloud
If you were already following this blog when the first Raspberry Pi
launched, you may have tried to emulate a Raspberry Pi and run Fedora
in QEMU, as getting a board was a challenge at that time.
Raspberry Pi 3 Slim
Here’s a prototype I’ve been working on. It’s a slimmed down version
of the Raspberry Pi 3, and the aim is to have a small, headless
computer which has more power behind it than the Pi Zero. Let’s take a
look.—————-Shop: htt
How to install OpenPHT on Odroid C2 – Say goodbye to transcoding
Plex Media Server is one of the best media server software options.
With Plex, you can stream your media on any Plex client device
available, but sometimes you will need extra horsepower for the
transcoding process.
$89 Sapphire BP-LX210KL Board is Powered by AMD G-Series LX Dual Core Processor
Mentor Embedded will regularly organize webinars to show how to use or
leverage their embedded Linux distribution, but their latest upcoming
webinar entitled “Deploying Embedded Linux on an AMD LX-based sub-$100
Sapphire LX210 board” caught my eyes simply because there aren’t that
many low c