MiniPC Show #55 – Another Zero And A Beautiful Sapphire

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Pi SD Card Imager

Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Pi direct on your phone – no storage needed.   Recommended to use an OTG USB cable and a USB card reader.


Intel’s Neural Compute Stick brings machine learning to any PC

Intel’s first few “Compute Stick” products were basically fully functional PCs packed into a tiny case with an HDMI connector that you could plug directly into a display.  The latest Compute Stick from Intel is a little different.


Banana pi BPI-M2 Zero quad core singel-board computer with Allwinner H2+ chip design

Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is the open source hardware platform,Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is an quad core version of Banana Pi,it support WIFI on board. use Alliwnner H2+ chip on board. and mini size only 60mm*30mm, all ineter face same as Raspberry pi Zero W.



This is a tool we fork from Etcher. We added the part for user to easily select their desired PINE A64(+), SOPINE, Pinebook OS image and automatically download the OS image from server before flashing it to the MicroSD card.


$89 Sapphire BP-LX210KL Board is Powered by AMD G-Series LX Dual Core Processor

Mentor Embedded will regularly organize webinars to show how to use or leverage their embedded Linux distribution, but their latest upcoming webinar entitled “Deploying Embedded Linux on an AMD LX-based sub-$100 Sapphire LX210 board” caught my eyes simply because there aren’t that many low c


$25 Raspberry Pi challenger is faster, runs Android Nougat, supports 4K video

Another tiny, low-cost computer has emerged to challenge the Raspberry Pi, this time promising better performance for a lower price.  The Libre Computer Project’s ‘Le Potato’ is the second board in a month to offer 4K video playback at 60FPS on a $25 board.


Beelink launches AP34 mini PC with 8GB RAM, 64GB storage, Apollo Lake CPU

Chinese computer maker Beelink has been offering mini PCs for a few years, and unsurprisingly the specs keep getting better and better.  The company’s latest is one of the first tiny desktop computers I’ve seen to ship with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.


Install Node-RED on Orange Pi running Armbian

Node-RED is a development tool installed by default on the Raspbian distribution, the official Linux distribution of the Raspberry Pi. If you have decided to run your Orange Pi under Armbian, here’s how to install Node-RED.