MiniPC Show #61 – Running Rock64, RPI Army And Fanless, Oh We Love Fanless

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Fanless, Linux-ready mini-PCs build on Up Squared and Up Core SBCs

Aaeon unveiled two fanless mini-PCs based on its Up Squared (Apollo Lake) and Up Core (Cherry Trail) SBCs, featuring up to 64GB eMMC.


Create an Army of Raspberry Pi Honeypots on a Budget

Hi! My name is Nathan Yee and I’m an intern at ThreatStream. I’m studying computer science and mathematics at the University of Arizona. Most recently, I worked on deploying a Raspberry Pi as a Dionaea honeypot for the recently announced Modern Honey Network project.


Raspberry Pi Zero-sized PocketBeagle: $25 open-source computer is tiny as a key fob

BeagleBone maker foundation has launched the PocketBeagle, an alternative to the Raspberry Pi Zero.  The $25 PocketBeagle is based on the Octavo Systems OSD3358 system-in-package (SiP), the same SiP that powers the credit card-sized BeagleBone Black Wireless, but is half the size.


GIGABYTE SynQuacer 96Boards Enterprise Platform is Powered by SocioNext SC2A11 24-core ARMv8 SoC

GIGABYTE, Socionext and Linaro have partnered to design a software development platform compliant with 96Boards Enterprise specifications, with GIGABYTE taking care of manufacturing the hardware based on Socionext SC2A11 processor, while Linaro will provide support via 96Boards community.