MiniPC Show #62 – Nuke, Backup, Pave And Restore

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DietPi Commands

“dietpi-launcher (Select and Run any of the DietPi programs, all from one place.)

dietpi-config (Feature rich configuration tool for your device)

dietpi-software (Install optimized and ready to run software)

dietpi-uninstall (Allows you to uninstall DietPi software)

dietpi-update (Update your version of DietPi)

dietpi-backup -(Backup or restore your DietPi system)

dietpi-sync – (Allows you to sync/duplicate one directory to another).

dietpi-services – (Takes control of software services, enabling DietPi a method of quick service control).

dietpi-process_tool – (Tweak system wide nice/priority levels, for most software and processes).

dietpi-cleaner (Remove unwanted “”junk”” from your DietPi system and free up filesystem space)

dietpi-bugreport (Sends a bug report to DietPi)

dietpi-cron (Allows you to modify all start times for Cron Jobs)

dietpi-logclear (Keep ontop of your log files, features clearing and backup modes).

dietpi-morsecode (Converts a text file to morse code, then outputs to your screen)

dietpi-letsencrypt (Frontend for Lets Encrypt and DietPi integration)”


Banana Pi BPI-W2 is a Features-Packed Realtek RTD1296 Development Board

I’ve reviewed several Realtek RTD1295 platforms with Zidoo X9S and Eweat R9 Plus, and I was generally impressed by the storage, Ethernet, and WiFi performance. 4K video playback was good too, as long you don’t have any 4K H.264 videos at 30 fps or more.


Kano’s latest DIY computer kit is a $250 Raspberry Pi laptop

Kano’s been making build-your-own computer kits for a while now, but while they let you put together an actual PC, you were still building what amounted to a desktop computer with no screen or internal battery.


This painting is actually a Raspberry Pi-powered digital frame designed to scare you

Halloween might still be a month away, but scaring the crap out of your friends is timeless – and all you’re going to need to pull off a killer prank is a Raspberry Pi computer, an LCD panel, and about eight hours of your time. The best part is that you won’t even have to wear a costume.