MiniPC Show #69 – A Little Late But Lots Of Stuff

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RetroPie For The Odroid Xu4 First Look! Available Now!
RetroPie for the Xu4! In this video, i take a look at the first stand-alone release of RetroPie for the Odroid Xu4.Odorid Retro Arena FaceBook: RetroPie XU4 Changelog:
DietPi-Config | Feature rich config tool for your device.
DietPi-Config: Built from the ground up, DietPi-Config is a feature rich configuration tool for your device. A pure tweakers delight, customise your system your way. NB: Options available are dependent on the device you are using.
Turn your smartphone into a universal remote
Honolulu-based software developer bbtinkerer was tired of never being able to find the TV remote. So he made his own using a Raspberry Pi Zero, and connected it to a web app accessible on his smartphone.
Asus could could overclock their version of Nvidia’s 65-inch BFGD monitor
Nvidia announced a whole new category of enormous gaming monitors at CES this year, and Asus could well be the first to offer an overclocked version of the Nvidia BFGD’s 65-inch, 120Hz G-Sync HDR panel. Want to know what the best gaming monitors are right now? Check out our pick of the top screens.
HDHomeRun – Watch TV anywhere in your home
Stop overpaying for TV. HDHomeRun is TV viewing on your terms. Watch what you want, when you want – including HD and protected content – all around your home. Compare the products in your region TV your way. On your terms. Enter the HDHomeRun service.
Razer Project Linda is a laptop house for your smartphone
Every year, PC maker Razer provides one of CES’s big highlights by showcasing one or more inventive concept pieces.
#Modifications to /boot/* files, will not be saved when powered on. #Please ensure you edit from the DietPi-RamDisk location /DietPi/* # D I E T – P I # 1st run settings # All settings below will be applied on the 1st boot of DietPi, ONCE.
What is DietPi-Automation? DietPi automation allows users to fully automate the whole installation process, and, automatically install optimized software from the DietPi-Software catalog. We have also added features like: Download and execute custom script during installation.
SnapAV – WattBox – Category
Windows Defender “SmartScreen” appears to have decided that InSpectre is malware. This also happened briefly after the release of our Never10 utility.
Security Now 646
This week we discuss more trouble with Intel’s AMT, what does Skype’s use of Signal really mean, the UK’s data protection legislation gives researchers a bit of relief, the continuing winding down of HTTP, “progress” on the development of Meltdown attacks, Google successfully tackles the hardest-t
Ransomcloud Demo
ZOTAC at CES 2018: AMD Raven Ridge APU in a ZBOX MA551 Mini-PC
LAS VEGAS, NV — ZOTAC is preparing a small form-factor PC based on an AMD’s Ryzen processor with integrated Vega graphics.
First Look at Nintendo Labo
Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch. Available on April 20, 2018! Learn more about Nintendo Labo here: #Ninte