MiniPC Show #70 – Two New Rockchip RK3399 Boards and the World’s Largest Chipmaker

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FOSDEM 2018 Blog! New PINE64 Boards, Upcoming Hardware and Much More!
As many of you surely already know, this year we’re at FOSDEM and you can find our stall in building AW.
RockPro64 single-board computer with Rockchip RK3399 coming soon for $60 and up
Rockchip’s RK3399 processor is a 6-core chip with two ARM Cortex-A72 CPU cores, four Cortex-A53 cores,and ARM Mali-T864 graphics. It was first unveiled in early 2016, but computers like the Asus Chromebook Flip C101 that are powered by the chip only really started to hit the streets in 2017.
COMING SOON! Estimated availability in early February. Also note that an additional power cable is required to connect to the power supply. The ODROID-HC2 is a mini PC which can be an affordable solution for a network attached storage (NAS) server.
2.1. Supported Hardware
Debian GNU/Linux 8 supports ten major architectures and several variations of each architecture known as “flavors”. This document covers installation for the Mips architecture using the Linux kernel.
First Rockchip based Orange Pi SBC taps RK3399
Shenzhen Xunlong has launched a $109, open source “Orange Pi RK3399” SBC that runs Android 6.0 or Debian 9 on Rockchip’s hexa-core RK3399 SoC, and offers HDMI 2.0 in and out ports, DP 1.2, eDP, MIPI DSI and CSI, SPDIF, GbE, mSATA, mini-PCIe, a 40-pin header, and more.
Orange Pi RK3399 – Six Core, GPU Mali-T860 Quad Core, 2GB RAM, WiFi 2.4/5GHz, USB 3.0 za 109 USD
Firma Xunlong dala do prodeje další jednodeskový počítač s názvem OrangePi RK3399. Jak název napovídá, OrangePi RK3399 je založena na stejnojmenném procesoru firmy Rockchip.
Samsung Surpasses Intel To Become the World’s Largest Chipmaker
Samsung Electronics just knocked Intel off its perch as the world’s biggest chipmaker by revenue, a spot the U.S. company has held since 1992. From a report: On Tuesday, Samsung reported 2017 chip sales of $69 billion, blowing past Intel’s $63 billion from last year.
Integral Memory’s new 512GB microSD card is the biggest microSD card yet
There’s a new king of the microSD card: Integral Memory’s 512GB microSD card, which packs a record breaking full half-terabyte of storage into the diminutive card format. You definitely should try not to lose it.
Google invests in Neverware, a startup that’s turning dead PCs into Chromebooks
Neverware, a New York City-based startup with a software platform that converts legacy computers into Chromebooks, announced today that it has raised a new round of investment led by Google. It won’t say the exact amount, but it will likely be more than the $6.