Podnutz Daily #58 – A Little Scary Today

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Interesting job today.
Guy brought in XP Media Center computer
with a new video card and monitor.

Windows booting — just before it loaded the desktop
where the screen changes resolutions .. it goes out.
No video.

Attempted a Cure:
I uninstalled all the drivers for his video card
Downloaded the latest drivers for his new video card
ran them — and got the same problem.
Video card: nvidia 8400 xfx
Still no fix
Send me an email or give me a buzz!

CompaQ V-series laptop about 3 yrs old
Upgrade to Vista
This is the computer that would not power off
because the updates kept running.

Dad worked on it and started it up in safe mode.
All of the updates installed in safe mode
BTW: We tried dial-a fix but it does not work with Vista
Also installed SP1 for Vista.
We had a wonky first reboot.
After that all consecutive reboots were successful.

Regarding Howard’s Dell OptiPlex SX280
(The Philly lawyer who called in last show)
We installed his new mother board
When replacing the mother board do not unscrew all the screws
on the mother board because it sits on a tray that takes one screw
to slide it out. Replace once you slide it out.

Clever way to apply thermal grease to the CPU
I hate getting this on my hands so I discovered
that if you use Scotch Tape over your fingers
it creates a flat surface to apply thermal grease to the CPU

Computer came in with Ares
Beware of computers with Ares and Limewire installed.
Usually riddled with spyware.
I remove these programs.

I hate Quicken and QuickBooks
Knowing this, I am looking for an online financial manager.
Like Mint or buxter.com (?)

My problem with these sites is they require your actual logins to your bank account
in order to pull the information on to a spreadsheet.
This seems unsafe to me.
Looking for feedback if anyone has used these types of services.
Email from Dan of New Britain:
Funny email from Dan with a follow up on how he fixed his Dell boot problem.

Email from Josh:
More on alternatives to the leaf blower
Josh says to try a dog blow dryer
Email from Tony in Canada:
I need to retrieve a printer driver from a PC.
What can I use?
Tony – Try using net-runna from PodnutzDaily #50
Email from Mark
Mark states dial-a-fix works to restore Desktop and Screensaver tabs.
I stated I tried dial-a-fix first and it did not work for me.

Mark goes on to mention weird symptoms he has found
(like virus alert next to your system clock plus MORE)
and how to fix them.
.exe cure: UnHookExec.inf


In the LIVE uStream:

Steve shows symptoms of overwork.
Calls the show due to light-headedness
Fans everywhere grow concerned.
GodSpeed, Steve.
Take a break. We will be here when you come back.