Podnutz Daily #85 – Love Working On Those Macs

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Taking apart Macs:
I have to say I love working on Macs.
Everything is so nice and neat inside
taped down in the correct spots and
screwed in all nice and neat.

Power Book G4 had fan problems:
(This was filmed for the laptop repair videos)
Customer was using it a lot to watch movies in bed.
Sitting on sheets or a comforter it
pulls in a lot of dust and lint.
Fan was clogged with dust.
Just had to clean the fans.

Dell Inspiron with sand and a water spill:
(Picture taken for the laptop repair videos)
It was covered in white corrosion.
There was no way this laptop was going
to work regardless how well I cleaned it.
Just too much corrosion.

Toshiba laptop about 4-5 yrs old:
Running really slow and bog down
hard drive was also working very hard.
Task Manager would not open in this state
but would open once the processes calmed down.
The hard drive failed the Seatools test.
chkdsk/r repaired for a temporary fix.

Email from Sherwin:
Topic suggestion – repairing a DC laptop jack
I give him the details on equipment I use, ect.

Email from Wendy:
Could you list what utilities work with Vista
and which ones do not?

Email from Walt:
Checklist before returning PC to customer

Email from Bob:
Dell to use greener LED displays for all laptops
Click to read AP article

Email from Roger:
Thank you for the LCD inverter tip! It was an $18 fix!
Diagnose hard drive health with HD Tune
Looking forward to the interview with the creator of SuperAntiSpyware!

Emailed .mp3 from Mike:
How to solve customer’s DSL problems
-Learn what DSL sounds like on a phone line
-DSL and alarm systems for home security
– troubleshooting DSL