Podnutz Daily #89 – It's Time To Get Lively

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eMachines laptop with a power jack fix
but it still kept shutting off after a few seconds.
Cleaned all the thermal grease off of the processor
and reapplied new layer and reseated the heat sink.
Works fine.

HP DV6000 laptop Vista crashing and rebooting.
Backed up all the data and did a system recovery
through the recovery partition.
In Vista the recovery partition can be found
among the F8 boot menu options

Load Key Failed with Error 3
(Thank you for noting the error message, Steve!)
Recovery partition and data partition corrupt?
Google search offered no solutions
Ran Spinrite just on the recovery partition.
SpinRite restored the recovery partition
but it ran about 3/4 the way though and crashed.
Ran Spinrite again and the recovery would not run at all.

I love it because it works!
chkdsk/r fixed two machines today.

Voice Mail from Simon:
IBM ThinkPad T42 laptop needed removal of
spyware and fake anti-virus software.
Ran SuperAntiSpyware and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Removal Tool
… which cleaned it up pretty good.

However there were still IE & browser issues:
Surfing to Google.com would give you a fake Google page
that would give you bizarre search results.
Booted from Ultimate Boot CD and scanned outside the host os
Low-and-behold SuperAntiSpyware and Kaspersky
found a serve rootkit that was very clever at hiding.

CompaQ laptop hanging at bios screen
Simon gives the rundown of what he has tried to fix it.
Hard drive tested in a different machine — fine.
Booted laptop without the hard drive — fine.
New hard drive in the laptop — same symptoms.
I offer a few suggestions for Simon to try.

Email from Eric:
(Regarding the leaf blower giveaway contest)
Eric is not a computer technician but he does repair
MFSs– MultiFunction Systems (big copiers, fax machines ..)
Any kind of interesting/exciting/shocking technician story qualifies.

Email from Kevin:
From where do you download SmitFraudFix ?
My Antivirus keeps detecting it as a threat/virus
(This is normal Eric. Just tell your AV to chill out.)
Here is the link I use to get it:

Email from Jeff to help Mark:
(Battery died and laptop will not power on with just the AC adapter.)
Jeff reminds us of his fix for this:
1. Remove battery
2. Plug in the AC adapter (should power on)
3. Re-install the battery and everything should be fiine.
I know it makes no common sense, but it works.

Email from Rita (Hello, Dear):
I finally read that spam email I received that made me laugh.
“Share blessing” .. All of my detail”..”Many love in sheering”
Lovely day! Kiss

Great Tech Debate Twist & This Could Get Ugly:
It will be Google Lively-based virtual meeting room
Imagine 4-5 avatars sitting around a table with
chairs in the room for those that want to watch (live audience)
These avatars have the ability to portray all kinds of emotions
from laughing to crying to body slams!
Don’t think this will be cool? You are wrong! LOL