Podnutz Daily #90 – Better Late Than Never

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Vista Home Premium recovery tips:
To repair the recovery partition, I ran Spinrite
and it partially worked but I still did not get a full recovery.

In the HP recovery program there are advanced options
in the system recovery options that allow you to run
a chkdsk-like feature on the recovery partition.
This did not work for me.

However, I learned I can reinstall Vista Home Premium with
An OEM Vista Home Premium disk
using the product key on the machine.
I just have to replace the hard drive.

Guy from the electronics shop down the street
brought me a desktop today from one of his clients.
Computer was not getting any video.
He replaced the motherboard .. still no video.
After troubleshooting.. replaced the processor.
Working fine now.

Vista to XP tip:
If you write the downgrade onto the same partition
that Vista lives on, it will retain the users files.
Slam XP onto the same partition .. nothing lost
.. with a few slide overs.

Voice Mail from Paul:
If you want to offer a backup service to your customers
you do not need to hire a company, Set up the server yourself.
Paul offers some information on making that happen.
Awesome voice mail!
(He also offers a suggestion for the contest.)
Just send me your best experience to enter the contest.

Voice Mail from Eric:
Eric shares his contest story about face-up vs face-down

Email from Jeff:
Needs information on hosting services for his podcast
and I tell him what I am doing and using for Podnutz

Email from Colin:
Use del.icio.us and tag links
with podnutz to create a nice list of tech tools

Email from Ben:
System admin steals 20,000 items from work over ten years
~ via hackaday.com

Email from Neil:
Infect my old laptop! I wanna learn how to clean them out
using the utilities mentioned on the show.
What sites should I visit?
First step would be to disable all security
like anti-virus and firewalls and realtime spyware utilities.