Podnutz Daily #95 – Great Tech Debate This Sat

Direct MP3 Download: Podnutz Daily #95 – Great Tech Debate This Sat

The Great Tech Debate:
This Saturday 10.11.08 at 1pm
in virtual setting Second Life
I will record it in ustream.

Toshiba 17″ laptop Vista machine:
Kids butchered the machine
and try as I might to clean
I had to reinstall Vista.
I had an OEM Dell Home Premium Vista disk
Wasn’t sure it would work but tried it anyway.
Used the Product key on the bottom of the Toshiba
..and it took! Works great.
The Dell logo does show up in system properties though.

CompaQ laptop unusable after about an hour
would just freeze up and cut out.
Motherboard or video card after troubleshooting.
Replaced video card since video was flickering.
Seems to be okay after that replacement.

Kid brought in a 14 month old Gateway laptop:
Warranty was up after 12 months
Felt bad because his heat sink was clogged
and it fried the processor that fried the motherboard
It was completely dead.
Another smoker that did not take the time
to clean out the dust every few months.

It is slowing down at the shop
due to the economy?
People are getting scared listening to the news.

Voice Mail from Eric:
This is his 3rd submission for the leaf blower
Self-healing multi-function system:
The initial problem was no power.
Replaced parts and it still did not work.
Put all the original parts back in
and it somehow worked just fine.
Go figure.

Update on the super thin laptop that came in
Sony Vaio Notebook VGN-X505
It would not boot.
The screws to take it apart
(which I was very excited about doing)
required a three notch screwdriver that I did not have.

Steve talks about how he fixed it, people.
I am still confused by the bending

(listen to the show)

… guess this will not make the laptop videos after all.
This required tool to open it was not in my toolkit either.
I checked. Looking for one because I thought I had them all.
Still useful advice in the end when you consider what he faced.

Another Voice Mail from Eric:
Responds to Barbra aka CitizenX
regarding SuperAntiSpyware Pro
This program in its free version has helped us all out
and I agree with Steve that you have to support Nick
by buying the Pro Version .. contribute people!
It is a great program and deserves compensation.

Email from Neil:
He bought a second hand computer
to use as a bench PC for when he gets
up and running with computer repair.
Computer was acting funny
and he sends in a picture of brown gunk
on a few capacitors near the CPU.

Email from Mick:
Comments on eBay
I have lost money on eBay regardless of positive feedback
Resolution via eBay has never put my money back.
I now use a trusted credit card with protection
for those times I face a bad transaction.

I give Mick further advice on buying from eBay.

Live call from Gomen aka Mike:
Second Life podcast guru extraordinaire
Offers a Second Life loan to get Steve on a podcast based island.
And gives tips on getting in the podcast pickle island
pod mofia
Second Life Podcast

Gomen covers requirements for Second Life:
You will need a decent graphics card
and offers advice on sound for recording.

I ask about the public stage auditorium
found on Podcast Island .. can I use it?
Gomen says: You have to book a spot to use it.

Thank you for the great advice, Gomen!